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Noh8o One Piece Everyday


There is no translation for English
Dayel One Piece Everyday


Dommage, ne fonctionne qu'au japon, aucun intérêt pour les autres pays pour le moment
Zavatarz One Piece Everyday


This utility app is fun to use, especially with its one-piece anime theme! [哇噻]

There are many things that you can check in this app, starting from an official one piece news, a calendar, a weather report from Nami, a timer with Sanji, and many more! (I couldn't really find out what each function was for). You could also collect stickers, pictures, and collect beli to buy things such as Chopper's hat! (Beli as in the currency in the one piece world)

The graphics and UI look nice and clean, with modern design implemented with its one piece theme. There is also voice acting too, which makes all this much cooler and feels great to use

But with all that being said, It's such a shame that there doesn't seem like there is an English translation from the app itself which can be hard for non-Japanese to use [難過] (Although some of the functions can still be used as the timer and calendar). The weather report from Nami also reports the weather in Japan, so it's not that useful for those living outside Japan unless you just want to check how's the weather there in Japan.

Overall, it's recommended especially for those who live in Japan (or at minimal know the Japanese language) because this app originally was made for Japanese users. But if you're not a Japanese user? This app will just be a cool one piece theme app, but I don't think you can do much in this app [微笑]
Theo Debaud One Piece Everyday



Un petit add on à ajouté au téléphone, météo - mini jeux - informations - trafic train et metro

Bref, petite application aux couleurs One Piece très agréable.
Uniquement en japonais, pleins de références a l'actualité animation de la série

Possibilités d'avoir des informations à propos des collaborations cafés et autres de One Piece autour de Tokyo 💫
Law One Piece Everyday


A ver esta aplicación es genial en todos los sentidos, el calendario, el tiempo todo pero lo malo es que esta todo en japones deberian hacer una alternativa en español o ingles que es mas internacional y claro como no entiendo nada no puedo cambiar la config del tiempo para que sea el tiempo de españa y no el de japón. Pero bueno es una de las mejores aplicaciones que he visto asiq si eres un verdadero fan de one piece esta es tu app.
OnaKkob One Piece Everyday


É um bom aplicativo, mas bem que podia ter em inglês :(
Meny Garcia Flores One Piece Everyday


Todo esta perfectamente bien. Las voces de los personajes suenan identicans a los VA. Lo unico es que no puedo enterder lo que dice, no se japones y seria muy bueno si pudiaran ponerlo en español o en ingles.
OlegFallout4 One Piece Everyday


quite useful and fun
Lynn Ace One Piece Everyday


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