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StrangeOne メイヘムの遺産


OK so the translation is really bad. The battle system is really boring. . The story is meh.

Not to mention that the games runs extremely slow, doesn't matter how strong your connection is or how good your device is either. It's mega annoying.

The only thing that I liked in this game was the atmosphere and the settling .. That was nice.

But still, not worth anyone's time in my opinion
Patryk Płoński メイヘムの遺産


this game stopped working, even the tutorial, I can't finish, tried to reinstall the game or a new account, it didn't work + the store is loading too long and I have no idea what's going on, it's a pity because the game is noteworthy.
Mới Đổi Tên メイヘムの遺産


good art style but have too much game-breaking bug so it kinda bad right now.
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