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P Stands for Pupunator Last Cloudia | Traditional Chinese


Im still playing this game when it soft launched in 2018. This is one of my favorites. Powercreep isnt too big that will render your units unusable and Im still using my Mana Series characters Randi, Primm and Popoi they are still absolute in pvp and pve though they still have counters but its workable with skills that you get from your ARK.

Mega-grindy you need to have an auto-clicker or an emulator that can bot you 24/7 to unlock passives/talents but overall its worth it!

Graphics is fcking gorgeous like FFBE bc they have the same developers lmao! Gameplay is like Star Ocean real time action with lots of button mashing or you can just auto it!

Last Cloudia is one the best gacha games ever made in the mobile platform with the amount of hardwork and or bottting LMAO you can make any character OP!
takeru GT Last Cloudia | Traditional Chinese


lets view gacha n gameplay first
before instal n play this game :
Daniel Concha Zegarra Last Cloudia | Traditional Chinese


Amazing Graphics!
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