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Igami Phantom Rose Scarlet


Made by a single person, I wouldn't say that it's a bad game.
A roguelike deckbuilding card game where your cards not permanent, the gameplay quite simple, you just need to read the cards description so you can choose the most effective cards.

The artstyle reminds me of Skullgirls, Helltaker and somehow Darkest Dungeon, it's cute and badass at the same time >:3
Usagi Phantom Rose Scarlet


A little lacking in tutorial
Has a certain degree of challenge due to the random draws
FуФeIL ГIL0бYC Phantom Rose Scarlet


Ну что можно сказать. Хорошо. Отличная стратегия, что вообщем-то, типично для карточных игр. Хорошая рисовка, сюжет, много перков и всяко всякое. Перс один, поэтому донат только на скины, которые можно за рубины купить, в игре заработанных.
Cookie Butter Phantom Rose Scarlet


Disclaimer: This review will only include what's already available upon first time opening (Silver Adventure).

【User Interace (UI)】
Dark theme with a minimalistic but eye-friendly color palette. No problem playing this at night, but it's not difficult to play it in broad daylight either.

The text is easy to understand, but there are cases where you need to see how it actually works before you get it. (e.g. Status buffs/debuffs)

Menu layout is well-organized. Buttons and textboxes are big enough to house a good amount of text and still be easy to press/reach with one thumb.

Reina is everywhere. She greets you right from the Title Screen, and is showcased in the Main Menu, as it should be.

The card icons are simple yet unique, that you know which card does what without looking at the description.

The backgrounds tell a story of what life used to be at the mansion, and sets an atmosphere as you progress through the adventure.

The background music makes you feel the game without overpowering the other elements or distracting you mid-battle.

The choice of sound effects used for different scenarios were well-thought out. They're not just put into the game, but processed to add characteristics.

The game's setting is inside an old mansion, across multiple floors. Adding some reverb to action SFX (e.g. battle, interactions) highlights this pretty well.

It's a strategic card game that you can get in and out of anywhere, anytime, but the level of creativity you can put into your cardplay is actually pretty high.

Depending on what you have, your strategy can vastly change, and that makes the battles more interesting to me. It's a rush to get those "just in time" moments.

The variety of difficulty with the battles makes it all the better to enjoy. Enemy-exclusive unique buffs help reduce how repetitive battles could sometimes get.

For a one-man studio, this is one remarkable game. I'm not heavily into card games, nor am I playing the game seriously, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

This game has the perfect balance of 1) Not being too easy for the experienced or too hard for the casual player, and 2) Not too engaging to easily lose interest in or too reserved that you need a lot of playtime to understand what's going on.

It's just one casual card game you can come back to anytime, but you can also explore deeper into if you choose to invest your time in it. Give it a try sometime.
Shiro Mirai Phantom Rose Scarlet


Good gameplay rng type card game though you need to be very carefull on your card placing cause theres no undo/Story is about revival and betrayal cant say any since spoiler though do take alooke off pic well to know story since no words
Deserve Not Desire Phantom Rose Scarlet


The game itself is pretty sweet, and for additional money the character can have various sweet and the badass skins, i really adore minor gimmicks like cat ears and such.
Khoa Zeros Phantom Rose Scarlet


How to login ?
Wolf Legacy109 Phantom Rose Scarlet


I usually don't get these games because they are boring. But this game is fun, and addicting. cool puzzle fight card game. The art is awesome, and story is interesting. it's a bit hard. you should give it a try, I don't regret installing this game.
SeishinnFox Phantom Rose Scarlet


Fear not the dark itself, but what may lurk within it.

TF u saying Sei?! [發火]

*Slaps kid* Shut up! I kinda want to spew something deep on a game review. Besides, this game kind of have the same vibe with the quote I've provided. [厲害]

Phantom Rose Scarlet... When I first saw this game, I've been reminded of Night of the Full Moon game and have thought to myself: "A card battle thingy eh? Maybe I should give this a whim?"

So I've downloaded it and let it stay on my phone.
A week later, I was able to play it. The game was quite easy to learn. I could say it's easier to learn than Night of the Full Moon (NFM) not because it's simpler, but because (with my current experience) it doesn't have classes which gives advatages or disadvantages. You only have your card deck to build, dissolve the extra cards and continue on your journey.

As I've said, this game is easier to learn but this is also a bit harder, if not much, to strategize than NFM.
You see, on NFM, if you've already mastered how to use your class properly and get the right cards along the journey, you're already pretty much OP.
On this game, since there are no classes to take advantage of, you'll pretty much just keep strategizing with your current deck and make it work.
Some enemies are also quite resistant of your current strategy or deck via having counters on your cards and etc.

Should they try the game Sei? [白眼]

Well, the game is very straightforward so it should be easy to get in to. But like NFM, it's a casual game. You'll just probably play this game just to pass time and it's also a good game at that.

I won't compare the graphics with the other game. It's unfair but I'm seeing that there will be improvements on this game one day.
Kamikota Phantom Rose Scarlet


Въеб... Кхм поставлю православный комментарий этому произведению. Ща будем начислять очки. Очко за жанр игрухи, не реально, ты хоть немного свою черепную коробку и его содержимое напрягаешь, чтоб перевести текст и составить план действий. Очко за сеттинг Deep Dark Fantasy. Очко за тянку горничную. Очко за очко. Ну и там ещё очечки за музло и картинку приятную. В итоге годная игрушка у которой в принципе хорошие перспективы в будущем.
takeru GT Phantom Rose Scarlet


lets colect powerfull card as reina [懵懂][懵懂]
oke may be want to view gameplay first
before instal and play this game 👇👇👇
P Stands for Pupunator Phantom Rose Scarlet


Terrible game
Laevine Phantom Rose Scarlet


Amazing game
good skins 7/10 ( almost NSFW due to the dark themed they are more badass than atractive )
Its aways good to have more Slay The Spire kinds of games with waifus in them
MitARi Phantom Rose Scarlet


สนุกดีครับ ตัวน่ารักก
Oratorio Phantom Rose Scarlet


If this game has no ads every time we progress would be a good one.

It's all about card counting !!
Aetheriel Phantom Rose Scarlet


It's made by a single person so I'll give somr slack on the review.

This game is like StS which stands for Slay the Spire. For a mobile game this aint jalf bad, except for the ads. And this is a mobile game fellas, you are bound to see some ads if it was made by a small studio. Aside that, it's good. I can't complain anything. Maybe the microtransactions is a bit tempting but it ain't that much. Some money for skins with no impact to the game, ad free access and some very minor p2w stuff that barely make a difference.
Nguyễn Đắc Phú Phantom Rose Scarlet


it's a good game( ^ω^)
Marsh Boss Phantom Rose Scarlet


it's a good game, it's worth testing
SpartanAi Phantom Rose Scarlet


Love this type of game
ShiroShikikan Phantom Rose Scarlet




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