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Npark Nicky Super Action Hero: Stick Fight


If you played the previous titles: don't. This is total garbage. Every single bullshit requires you to watch an ad. Of course the game fookin launches with a bAtTlE pAsS. Pay up, retards.
The controls are abysmal as well. It just doesn't respond the way you want it to. The snappy and speedy action controls are just, gone. Poof. Nada.
On top of all that, there aren't any gamemodes that used to be a thing in the previous titles. No more wall bangs, no more jumps, no more adventures. Just a single, narrow and boring map.
No more drops. No more customisations. No more equipments. No more fun. Not even the game defining make-your-own-shit board. Com2us simply removed everything that made the title good. Stay away. A total waste.
7Lords Super Action Hero: Stick Fight


Super Action Hero Stick Fight Gameplay: https://youtu.be/S87kgiIfxCo
PDEsterTH Super Action Hero: Stick Fight


Super Action Hero: Stick Fight - Action Fighting Mobile Gameplay in 3 Minutes ^^

SeishinnFox Super Action Hero: Stick Fight


Shumi de HERO o yatteiru mono da.
Mo daijoubu! Naze tte? Watashi ga kita!


If you know those lines, congratulations! You've watched good anime! [開心]

Alright! Super Action Hero or SAH in short.
Seriously, I'm not that excited about this game when I last saw it because the one released from 2012 kind of different from the first game.

Let me tell ya a bit of a story kids.
Back when I was a little kid, I used to play on my mother's phone. Back then, java games are a hit and Super Action Hero really made me drain the phone's battery.
Despite being scolded, I still continue playing games with it.
You will be like: "Couldn't they just take away the phone from you?" Hahaha. [開心] I know right? But they don't. I guess they kind of like it when they see me having fun.

So what's with the java version of Super Action Hero? It's just straightforward. Do your mission, beat all the other guys up, or do speed runs. That's it! However when Com2uS decided to make a new one way back primitive Android days, it was not like the old one I used to enjoy. The combat is slow and it just really don't have the charm of the old game. I just dropped it and never looked back. Maybe that's just the young me. I don't know whether I would like it if I would get to play it again at this time. [委屈]

Now this new version of Super Action Hero? It Feels like the Java version! Straightforward, easy controls, just do the mission and that's it! Also, really improved graphics! [開心]

2020 never fails to surprise. lol.

Although, the difference of this game from the java version is probably the pay-2-win aspects of this game.
Bear with me on this one but it might be the same core gameplay from its roots but there are now stats. Stats which you can improve with masks which you can buy with coins which can also be bought with real money.
And coins are also used for upgrading the skills which is hard if you don't have enough. Don't get me started with the energy system too! But we all know how to deal with it. I guess most mobile game players do? [厲害]

Was that game breaking? No. But it's good to point out the difference from the java version and what should the to be players of the game expect from it.

It might not be enjoyable but if you really want to progress on this game, You need to watch a lot of ads. Although the game gives you the option and doesn't blatantly spam you with ads, the things from the old game surely will be missed. Wherein there are no ads and progress wouldn't be stopped with stats.

Would I recommend it? Well, if you're looking for some nostalgia (if you've played the old version) or some casual action game you can play with one hand? This game will not disappoint. [厲害]
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