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Queenie Beatrice ログ・ホライズン~脱出、夢見の石版~


For any Log Horizon fans who are wondering what this game is, it's a gacha escape game where you use character abilities to solve puzzles and reach different endings.

Just about all the character art is reused from Azito's other Log Horizon mobile game, which is a 5-year-old mobile browser game and not anything found on app stores. (It's typically translated as Log Horizon: New Adventure Land, for anyone curious.)

For obvious reasons, if you can't read Japanese, this game is an easy skip. You're not gonna get anything out of this.

For actual criticism of the game, it has ads inside the game for monetization, on top of the gacha elements. That's practically screaming "We know we won't make money off of this" from the rooftops.
Yoru Ame ログ・ホライズン~脱出、夢見の石版~


terrible game man
윤정민 ログ・ホライズン~脱出、夢見の石版~


this is disgraceful to anime community and other fans who expected to get proper game like me. indeed, there is great portion can be found in a game if you just want to see characters with no action, voices and addicted to wasting your own precious money into a dust bin.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who try to play this to stay away.
はつとり ログ・ホライズン~脱出、夢見の石版~


ไม่เคยรีวิวเกมไหนคะแนนต่ำขนาดนี้มาก่อนในชีวิต คำเดียว ประโยคเดียว สั้นๆนะ
"กากสลัด" คือกากเ-ี่ยๆ เกมนี้คุณไม่ควรเสียเวลาโหลดเลย ไม่คุ้มเวลาชีวิตคุณแม้แต่วินาทีเดียว เอาเวลาไปทำอย่างอื่น นั่งหายใจเฉยๆยังดีกว่ากดเข้าเกมนี้ ลาก่อน ลบใน5นาที
RedHunter ログ・ホライズン~脱出、夢見の石版~


deveriam fazer um game Chibi de aventura q renderia mais, tipo aquele smash tap q tinha de boku no hero, game simples roda em qlqr celular com boa história e divulgaria bem o anime e manga (deveriam padronizar cads franquai fazer pelo meno um game nesse estilo)
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