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JD P TERA: Endless War


if you are into this kind of games, you'd better try girls frontline.
It's boring, graphic is not pleasing and full of bugs.
Honneur des rois FR TERA: Endless War


Bon jeux dans l'ensemble et des mise à jour fréquente. Je le conseille
7Lords TERA: Endless War


TERA: Endless War Gameplay: https://youtu.be/kW1-o4kU71Q
Atmo TERA: Endless War


Burns your battery away in a blink!
Digi Mon TERA: Endless War


Imagine a xenophobic country like North Korea, then imagine being stuck in that country - that's basically the experience of this game All active servers are dominated by Korean guilds that go out of their way to find other Korean guilds and grow them, while incessantly hunting non-Korean guilds and forcing them to succumb to whatever wills they have. Now, this would be okay if we didn't have to interact with them, but aside from the forced pvp aspects of the game, they also have **unblockable messages**, both via direct mailing and world messages. Of course, people take the opportunity to shittalk etc, and spew the most vile, racist, whatever-phobic spiels possible at every given opportunity, which I can only say that the devs must condone cos they haven't added any sort of report or block function for people that do so. Now, this may be all part and parcel of a pvp game, sure. What I don't get, is how the devs coral you into the same place as them. They merge worlds at the drop of a hat, leaving any unfortunate account unlucky enough to attract a strong guild's ire to get incessantly bullied. It's happened three times since I've started this game, and I've had to hop all the way to World 1, where I was subsequently unable to hop at all because of the server protections. Now, sure, there IS a simple solution - just put up barriers, right? Well, heres the thing - to barrier, you need this game's equivalent of premium currency. How do you get this game's premium currency? Money of course! Let's not even talk about how much people put into this game, and how much people spend to keep other people down. The Devs of this game are bigger predators than Jared from Subway, to put it frankly. They hide increasingly onerous event requirements behind hardcore paywalls, and then theres the tossup between barriering and actually participating in said events. God forbid you don't spend any money here. Not done yet though - I have to give credit where credit is due - the devs actually *gasp* listen to the players. That's where the praise ends, because they listen to the players about 15 months late for anything - be it merging worlds, fixing bugs or adding functions. They do listen to a certain subset of players tho, the one's that pay their bills by actively participating in this shitfire of predatory spending. Sending a support ticket on a big spending account gets answered much faster than an f2p account - it can be the difference between hours and days. I tried this on two accounts, and boy was the difference in attitudes astounding. Honestly though, this has the potential to be an interesting game. It's a shame the devs would rather squeeze money out of people and support their cash cows rather than actually let a large portion of the playerbase enjoy the game. Truly a shame, and truly wasted potential. This couldn't have come from a more interested party, but Fs in the chat for this absolutely shit game. Sincerely, a long term TERA fan and semi-active spender. Good bye to this game, and good riddance I didn't put more in this shithole.
takeru GT TERA: Endless War


nickz3ro TERA: Endless War


i just started but its fun
LoliXXx TERA: Endless War


Ok, este ya es como el quinto juego de Tera para movil, y es el quinto que no me gusta tambien. Pero si a alguien le gusta estos juegos de andar creando una ciudad y robando recursos y toda esa trama, bueno este podria ser tu juego... Ah y porcierto si andas buscando Elins pues este apenas trae 3... Lol.
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