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Cydy SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


now need fake ip to play this game , if you are not korean
ArtPirate SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


Oh yeah!!! [開心][開心][開心]

Looks cool, like pc version, but not same.
I was played in SoulWorker with Steam on PC and it was good warm MMO. But i did it 1 year ago.

Dangeon system not same. Not like solo or with team. This it is location for anyone.

Story looks like same.

Haru skills not like i remember that.
And card systems looks not same like pc version. Maybe it is same just looks like not same, but i don't understand it because language.

Afterall, like mobile game it's will hot game [賣萌]
I will wait global [哇噻]
And will very cool, if PC version account can to use in this game, bc i upgrade all characters and have some not bad cards. Do same with zero will harder [大哭]

P. S. Time to time in fight game freezing
Pan Work SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


KanaoTsuyuri SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


O jogo e incrível os gráficos São legais, a jogabilidade
é boa mais....o jogo trava bastante, eu acho que e meu celular ruim mesmo, pra não aguentar nem um joguinho desse
mas mudando de assunto, o jogo e bastante divertido
Naofumi Iwatani Sama SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


baru juga mau main tapi pas lihat deskripsi masih cbt ⊂(・﹏・⊂) yaudah deh uninstal lagi

btw kapan nih tanggal release resmi nya⊂(・﹏・⊂)
Arthur Pendragon SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


Mayan ni game gua jarang ada kendala
Spek: Asus Zenfone Max pro M2 64/4 snap 660

°Kalo Segi Graphic Sudah terbilang bagud Dan Smooth apalagi pas Fighting stilenya itu dah smooth but.
°Kalo backsound di game cukup lumayan Voice actor juga gk bagus bagus banget .
°Gameplay seperti game seperti ni lumayan menarik dengan penambahan Slow Motion saat kita ngeDodge
Dan ratenya gacha nya lumayan gk ampas2 banget .
°Storyline menurut gua gk terlalu tertarik soalnya kek sama aja ma game yg gini pada umumnya
💖No.name💖 SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


KioyoshiKiri SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


How a game really has the potential that brings us closer to the PC version
The graphics are appreciable when exploring or fighting.
In combat there is the dodge function that reminds a lot of Honkai Impact that creates this "freeze"
As a function of the game reminds me of dragon raga because of the dugeons, limit exp, equipment, ally, your stats total etc.
Probably this game there is a strong p2w.
ClashOf Clans SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


hmm ini game lumayan bagus dari suara,story,grafik dan gacha nya lumayan bagus,semoga cepat rilis
владислав лаговский SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


ไว้หลอกด่าควาย SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


รวมๆถือว่าดีแต่เสียดายอย่างเดียวอยากให้ปรับแต่งตัวละครได้หลายๆสไตล์อ่า 👉👈💓 #กูเกลืออีกละ(=-=)
นิว หน้ามึน SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


Chaos Orb Dark Trinity SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


Well this is my first time playing Soulworker games
it's quite good, but of course it's not recommended for potato phone. but at least the graphics it's suitable with the gameplay

that's only my opinion
thanks you
-Less- SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


jogo bem divertido tem gráficos bem bonito Jogabilidade boa não achei algo tão ruim assim, claro que ele tem lag trava bastante mas você vai se acostumando não posso falar da história porque não sou fluente em coreano, ksksk caso tiverem problema para entrar so sair do jogo entrar novamente que vai aparecer opcão para entrar google espero ter ajudado.
já ia esquecendo tem automático em algumas batalhas tambêm mas nada que me atrapalhou
então boa jogabilidade para todos .
P Stands for Pupunator SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


Nowadays graphics isnt a problem anymore with cutting edge technology available in your fingertips. Sound/BGM isnt an issue as well because you can create your own music with sound editors.

The 2 major components are gameplay and its story. MMO's are well known to have a cliche story line you go out do quests and something big happened then you go save the world yada yada yada and this game checks in to that cliche story.

Soul Worker failed to give me an impression of it's gameplay. It's auto combat feels your just like watching it! Just rehash the character skins copy and paste it then there you have "JUST ANOTHER AUTO-MMORPG".

There's nothing to be amazed of and just as I said just another mmo.
JD P SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


VPN required [大哭]
NecroCatz SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


Compared to soul worker zero, this is an overhauled version.

The graphic is lot more polished. The UI is neater too.
Skill placement and arrangement is auto so you cant really switch button location or the skill combo order.

The story overall is same but there is some detail difference compared to what i remembered from last time i play pc ver.

The battle graphic is adjustable from a very blurry for potato-friendly and a very beautiful max graphic which turned my phone into a heating pad. (adjustable with mid graphic, other setting to low but resolution to max)

The story mostly unvoiced, but some scenes are voiced both character and npc.

They made some skill changes in some character (even new skills different from pc ver) which is odd at first glance but will quickly used to.

Clan system, my room with 'neighboorhood'—so you with your roommates will help each other with some stuffs.

The city and dungeons is pretty much similar to the pc version, very well ngl.
Its much better than soul worke zero to the point i feel like playing the pc ver itself in mobile.

This game have auto mode too, which may not really be liked at first but you will get used to too. Since it can help you do quests faster, just tap any mission and turn on auto battle.

There's only 4 characters in the beta ver (haru, lily, stella, iris). Cant wait for its global release and EN port, if there gonna be one
Kurozaku Ran SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


nunggu resminya[開心]
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


Soul Worker: Academy เกมเจ๋งๆจากค่าย YJM Games ที่รับรองว่ามันเร้าใจแน่นอน ตอนนี้ยังเปิดให้เล่นแค่ CBT เซิฟเวอร์เกาหลีและ คิดว่าน่าจะมีการบล๊อก VPN เป็นที่เรียบร้อยแล้ว😂
Kakashi Hatake SoulWorker: Academia | Korean


un excelente juego recomendable [開心][開心]


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IT'S A SKIP FOR ME! If a game doesn't love your country don't love it back. I remember Fire Emblem Heroes back then it was Region Locked for 3 or 6 months they've unlocked it because the profit is low so if the west don't spend they'll be forced to release it at SEA but i highly doubt it because westerners tends to be a sucker for this kind of game. Perhaps, the reason they did this because SEA has the dense player based (making there servers overload) yet least profitable players cuz they know we're going to be F2P, minnows and not going to be a Whale. This is my own perspective because i don't spend money on gachas even if i wanted to because it's pricey (In my country) and can become an addiction. If this is a Hard Gacha (I mean games like FGO and Another Eden which is hard to level up and max a character.) where units even if they have low rarities, old 5* and free units (Also any unit can be a 5*.)are useful and the 5* is hard to get yet the powercreep is stable the only caveat is that they don't give premium currency that often. I would give this a chance cause those kinds of gachas tends to be good for the long run and it is rewarding if you're a longtime player. But, if this a Soft gacha (like FE:H, FFBE etc. where it is easy to maxed out a unit.) this would be a dangerous game to play cause those kind of games are very generous on premium currency at 1st then they tend to lower the rewards in the long run and make the powercreep steep like it would only need like a week or two sometimes days to powercreep and the old units are frickin useless. I would give it a hard pass believe me i played mkbile gachas for 6 yrs those kind of games are predatory. The only game that i see is very good at balancing the Soft and Hard part of a gacha is DRAGALIA LOST but i did stop too grindy to me. I'm still playing ANOTHER EDEN and FGO. Another tip for players who wants to play the games like this please don't spend unless you're planning to stay for months or a year that would be a a bad investment. Stay safe everyone i know there's still Pandemics in SEA.
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