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Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


จัดว่าโดน เกมนี้อยากให้มีเวอร์ชั่นโกลบอลออกมาบ้างจริงๆ น่าเล่นมากๆเลยจ้า
hjkrib Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Edit: warning to the future 3 others who somehow managed to made it here. As of 12/17/2020, I have problems logging into the game. This is probably fixed, I hope. VPN may be necessary.

Whenever we think of strategy games, we think of the fire emblem series. Personally, I am a fan of strategy games, so when I saw this game, I had to try it.

tldr (for those who are not American, it means "too long, didn't read the entire thing"): Graphics nice for its current era of mobile games, sound is good but little to no voice acting, gameplay is a mix of deckbuilding and fire emblem strategizing. No comment on storyline as I can't read Japanese. Overall a game with potentials.

Rerolling tips: your first 20 rolls should aim for a sword or mage unit, after that put 20 rolls on weapons, the rest do what you want depending on your team lineup. DONT START WITH ARCHER OR CLERIC as the cleric on banner (10/27 as of this writing) only focuses on healing. Archer serves as a better job at throwing allienments and board manipulation. Also, most enemies are succeptable to magic damage.

Graphics: it's as good as Alchemist's Code (if that game is still alive). No comment.

Sound and Storyline: sound is good, however no voice acting throughout the story, which means I cant understand shit. I'll reserve these aspects for people who speaks more Japanese than just 気になる.

Gameplay: This is where most of the review lies. In summary, the game is a team building game where you choose between four classes; swordman, mage, cleric, and archer, and construct a deck of weapon cards suitable of clearing missions. The missions are "eliminate all enemies" missions. There is no AUTO, which means you have to control all four of your units and clear it using your own wit.

For characters, you would think to choose high rarity units and maul through all the enemies with damage. However, this game is structured toward building a balanced team. This means you have to have some kind of dps (or dpt in this case for "damage per turn"), plus some sort of tank, plus some sort of healer. The last slot is usually a fill/secondary dps. I will make this clear that this game requires some sort of heal. Even if you have all 4 high rarity damage units, if you have no sustain, the enemies will take your down with plain numbers and damage. DPS is very weak to damage unless they are 30 levels higher than intended. Yes, that means you will have to use your lower rarity units early game. Yes, every unit matters, as some offers exclusive auras and buffs to nearby teammates. I have no clue whether a 1 star unit has the same amount of stats value as a 3 star unit. I am currently leveling the starter mage and a cleric just to compare. If I had to guess, they will probably have the same amount of stats. Veteran feel free to add on in the comments below.

For weapons, weapons are all obtainable through normal/hard/nightmare missions. This does not mean it's easy since there's only 10 auto clears provided every day. It's a huge grind. Early game, I decided to pull 20 times on gacha for weapons, and it offered a significant boost to dps. Weapon gacha provides guaranteed perfect quality, which provides a huge boost in damage. Weapons are really important in this game, as they offer a lot more plays than normal. Archers can pull enemies toward themselves or push away. Clerics can boost your movement points, which accelerates your turn. Swordman have weapons that allow them to dash toward a target. Mages have powerful aoe effects that turns the tide of battle, if it even activates (hint: this is where your cleric boost your mage's movement speed). There are a lot more to cover but I think this is enough. The rest is for you all to discover.

Now for the flow of gameplay itself. Each mission, you start by setting up a formation. After that, mission starts. Each character gets their own turn, you do not move all characters like Fire Emblem. Using your Movement Points (which I will refer as MP from here on), you can either move your unit, or attack with them by playing one of your weapons cards that correlates with the class of your unit. For example, if you are moving a cleric, you can only attack by playing a book, you cannot use a sword as a cleric (for obvious reasons, but it would be funny to see a nun swinging a giant cleaver). Range matters here for flavor's sake. After all, you can't swing a dagger across the map and hit someone in a normal RPG, this is no exception. However, there are weapons that have different range, which spices up your deck building. MPs are consumed in each action and the turn ends when you exhausted all MP, or if you decides to end turn. Turn order is decided by however much MP each unit, including enemies, has when all units resolve their turn (if you still don't understand, play the game and it provides an bonus advanced tutorial located at the missions menu, which I highly recommand). This movement system is not something new, as we have seen in many games. The execution, however, is simple and effective. I love how easy it is to understand, but using it to your advantage is difficult. This offers some insane plays like mages blowing their load twice in one turn (look out Megumin you got a contender), swordman dashing all over the place, and archers throwing enemies into poison clouds or falling rocks.

Overall, if you enjoy strategy games, give this a try. The game is grindy, but by the time you are stuck, you'll probably want to spend your auto clear tickets on exp or gold anyways. Making things grindy is a strategy employed by many games to make money, so I don't fault the developers here. I think this is a good game, give it a try and at least try to get to rank 15. It takes me a week to climb to 15 with modest amount of playing, at this point I am just grinding to 4 star my 3 star units, which I am lucky enough to have 4 (3 from gacha, total of 70 pulls, and 1 from login). Again, veterans of the game, feel free to add on, and new players feel free to ask questions. QooApp forces me to get notifications anyways, might as well answer some of the questions posed.

12/17/2020 edit: the first major update, chapter 7, is unfortunately a huge flop for me. 10 ten-pulls (~11k gems) and 0 banner character. Chapter 7's final boss is impossible to 3 star with current character lineup. One of the boss characters literally counterattack you for EACH attack you make on them. The fight is just straight up unfair even for whales. I guess this is endgame for veterans.
สุดเขต สุดยอด Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


AiynayaJee Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Been playing alot of mobage like granblue and this one is suprisingly good. A fresh breather from all the current generic turn based and alike in the market.
KoniiChan Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Por favor traduzcanlo al inglés o al español el juego está genial pero no le entiendo al idioma [憋屈]
Leo Lionhart Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


(Updated on Jan 2021)
TL;DR: This is a game that offers tons of customization, but it requires hard grinding and massive amount of resources to go past beyond Chapter 1. Each stage also requires time to farm manually. So if you are looking for an easy game with fast and accessible auto-farming system, this is not the game you are looking for.

Proression & Difficulty -
Early Game - Abyssal level Hard
Mid Game - Still quite Hard
Late Game- Still Hard
End Game - That Happy Place where you can finally smile
(QR: the walkthrough is suffering heavy blow on morale...the overall atmosphere in the public chat is depressing...I haven't seen such overwhelming gloomy in-game chat ever)

Time consumption:Reward -
SbCG Tier (Search #reviewformat for reference)
The last event...walkthrough group spent almost an hour for 9 rounds of consecutive battles...the depression is real...
Ratio is at mostly 5:1 if you use the Raid option only;
Players that play manually is at 3:1 (Event included);
and the luckiest players that get all the vital rewards at 2:1

Here are why:
1. Number of ingredients needed is high and drops are low.
2. Even hourly reward collections cannot make up the difference and the consistent lack of resources across all areas (another major issue is that what shown in reward list might not even be awarded even if you continue to collect for 30 days; at least that's for one of the vital advancement item)
3. Low stamina recovery rate adding more issues to farming
4. Each map manually takes about 3 mins+ due to non-linear battle
5. Auto-clearing//Raiding after the first free rounds will give you reduced drops at a cut up to 90% in the worst cases

Visual: The visual is good enough in this era. Not the best, just average.
Audio: Some scores are really catchy...but there is almost no variations in most battles and normal gameplay. The VAs...they don't have VOs in main story...
Story: Pass...The tournament is really a kick in the back...you run a blacksmith store and you have to enter a fighting tournament...for god sake, not every storyline needs a fricking tournament arc...

Before the actual review, here's a simple guide:
1. Finish all the tutorials
2. Understand that your team combination affects the cards that you will be drawing, it would be strategically advantageous to have only 2 different classes instead of 4. Considering the offensive and defensive abilities of all 4 classes, the Book wielding class seems to the best for general purposes. Archer is best at status alignment, CC and consecutive to breaking DMG immunity. Sorcerer is best at AOE and CC. Fighter is the tankiest class with burst.
3. Your weapons are the core deck. Building a functional deck is an easy way to maximize dmg output.
4. Conserve AP for faster turns.
5. Bosses are very strong even in Chapter 1, keeping at least 1 healer in your group is a vital key to stomp Chapter 1 with ease.
6. Healing is less efficient in late game as every enemy can either 1-hit//2-hits KO Lv100 characters easily (except against Fighters)

Honest Review:
This is an outstanding game among the many releases. The gameplay relies heavily on strategic gameplay and turn planning to complete certain stages.

This game requires dedication as there is only a 10-times auto-farm function (F2P option). So players must spend time to farm and grind stages for materials. If you are used to tap and auto-farm completion, you will have a hard time.

It is fun for the first few rounds, but most likely, average player will get bored of the repetition and the inconvenient system atm.

Character designs and skill set are good. You can truly mix and match tons of combination fot various stages. Though I am afraid the future stages will require certain dmg type or element which make it insurmountable for F2P in the long run.

The amount of in-game gacha resources for F2P players is absurdly scarce. However, the lack of characters will cause issues early game, do plan first before wasting any resources.

Overall, this is a refreshing game from the start but the odds will be stacked heavily against F2P players. If you must insist to play as a F2P, just make sure you thoroughly plan ahead before any leaps. As for paid players, you'd better prepare piles of cash or banknotes.

(Update: The early game is a insurmountable process, probably the lack of Friends made it even harder. But even with Lv 100 5* support and all kinds of wonderful weapons...some of the Event stages at basic difficulty are still...sadly, impossible. Again, be warned, the Early Game is an insurmountable uphill climb. If you can't take months to overcome over a 1000 ways to die, you won't outlast a week)

(2nd Updated Note: the lack of users content posted on QooApp, the low number of views on game content etc, this game isn't going to last long unless they make an overhaul change. DO NOT MAKE any purchases yet, this game might sink faster than we can abandon it if this cycle continues)

(3rd Update: The new chapter 7 does offer a remarkable new weapon that takes way too much time to collect just enough materials for one. Also, accessibility is low, consider that an end game grade item for a game with only a month long history; considering its popularity on a global scale, it's worrying if this will actually last longer than 3 years, an over-conservative prediction)

Concernig Rerolling:
The most powerful units are the SSR Sorceresses, not the one that uses freeze related passive though. If you are choosing to reroll, you need to aim for:
1. 2 or more SSR Sorceresses (excluding the Ice Sorceress)
2. 1 SSR Fighter
3. 1 SSR Archer (Rapid Fire is needed to disable shielding and immunity for Fighter and Sorcerer to follow through; also, Rapid Fire builds up KO that disables Bosses and enemies)
Gatari Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


ภาพสวย วิธีการเล่นแหวกแนวดี และเกลือด้วย วิธีออโต้ ต้องจบแมพ2ก่อนถึงกดได้
Tachibana Natsuhime Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


gamenya bagus, gada auto battle jadi betah maen.
Brave Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


This is like the first game that I'm not even mad when getting all 1* in summon, all characters are equally cute and the gameplay are quite fun too! I definitely recommend this one!
FilmBiru Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Good game, but crashed every 5 minutes on my phone. So I uninstalled.
7Lords Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Zold: Out Gameplay: https://youtu.be/M002DSZf8og
Gabriel Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


overall good tactic game
ADarkChi Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Too fun. But the login rewards suck.
Alongkon Thumpichai Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Fredy L Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


well i come here just want to said "only idiot saying this game is hard hahahahaha" seriously 2 days playing i aleeady unlock and can use skip ticket to the hardest grind dungeon.

too much grind ? lol this is literally the fastest game i maxing a character.

archer bad ?? pfft joke on you archer is the best unit in this game, you can solo everything with the twintail archer SSR, yeah SOLO!!! but you required to have full team to unlock 3 star.

why my rating low?? because the game didn't have anything in end game also so easy and so boriiiing. thats why not needed any guide or tier list.. get your twintail archer and dominate the entire game.
BAMBOO Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語


Love the art works.
It kinda like PSP game with styles.
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