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An Airborne Cat Tales of Crestoria | English


Tales of Crestoria
Size : 1.7gb
Servers 2, English and Japanese

Story is solid, as with most tales games, it's not amazing, but as a long time fan, I can overlook any downfalls the story has or may have purely due to fandom.

Graphics overall look... Well the overalls nice. I could nitpick here and there, but its really not worth it. The game looks good considering it is going for slightly HD models in comparison to say Tales of the Rays (Yeah TotR did get a graphical update and it looks better than it used to for sure. That simply means if this one lives long enough, it could get better as well)

Gameplay... Well if you're a fan of turn based combat that really offers nothing special, and punishes you for not having a full SSR team, look no further, this is your game. Still boring af to me, hit auto and wait for it to be done.

-It'll be alive for at least a couple months.
-It's got a good story
-Still has a bit of the Tales Charm, in form of after battle skits.
-It seems to run at about 30-45fps now, rather than the 5-20fps it got last week.
-Story wise, the games polished.

-Throws out the Series charming and challenging skill based combat.
-Would be nice to see it running at 60fps.
-Most expensive Gems i've seen in a long time.
-Slowest Rewards in a game that more or less requires you to gacha a lot.
-Likely will be closed in less than a year.

Final Verdict
Play if you need a good story based game. Wouldn't spend money on it unless you have money you don't care about losing.
b3nvfx Tales of Crestoria | English


A refreshing addition to the Tales Series on the mobile platform, featuring characters spanning across all Tales and possibly the first turn-based title of said series.

Graphics: The graphics is definitely up there with tremendously accurate ports of their model, animation and artes of their PS4 counterparts. I've finished the latest console addition, Tales of Berseria, and personally feel that the graphics of Crestoria is in no way inferior to said title.

Sound: Pretty much what you expect from a Tales series. Soundtracks are soothing with a more light-hearted medieval take, and the voice overs are as usual, appropriate for the newly added characters of Crestoria. Note that most characters however would probably have reused their voice lines from their respective games.

Gameplay: Unlike most Tales games, Crestoria is turn-based. There's not much to say as it's really too standard. You have a team of 4 main members and 2 subs, each equipped with a stat buffing trait in the form of a memoria. Initiate combat instances, spam their artes, time their cooldown, before unleashing their ultimate mystic artes, inclusive of the generic RPG elements such as elemental advantages and status effects. This pretty much sums it up.

Storyline: No spoilers. All I can say is that they did a fantastic job.

Optimization: The textures are high-res with high fps as long as you set the graphic settings to the max, while obviously eating up more battery than usual. The only problem I've faced on my P30 Pro is the occasional fps drops, which for some reason only triggers at the start of certain stages, and will not remedy itself until the end of the quest. It either works, or it doesn't.

I've sung alot of praises for this title in this review but know that the more reputable a company is, the higher the expectation. Overall, this game has left no outstanding impressions whatsoever. Personally it is difficult to feel emotionally invested in 3D titles due to how overly saturated the market already is. It is not the graphics nor the story nor the gameplay that determines the success of a game. Contrary, it is the immersion factor that truly contributes to how much you enjoy one. And in that aspect, Tales of Crestoria has failed to deliver.

Reviewing the game based on QooApp's standards, I believe I have given a score misleading to the general audience.
Jausha Bakkas Tales of Crestoria | English


okay, graphic? it's good, like really good. however, the frame rate drop issues still bother me. I use MiX and game like Black dessert or Honkai never shown any problem, but this game keep getting terrible frame drop, no matter I tweak the graphics option inside the game. i don't know whether this is my phone, or this is something that will be addressed by the developer. in any case the 3d model really smooth anime like, I don't think I have to complaint since it is a good model after all, no apparent glitches so far.

the connection or server issues is real! oh boy, for delayed game with this hardcore issues I don't know what to say that can be uplifting. the loading time between the screen... oh my god! it's ain't better than the "neighbor" title! I guess "cresto made to be simpler due to make the performance quicker" ain't valid huh?

story? so far... okay I guess, but it's not like everything fully revealed, so I need to wait, but kinda so-so.

ost/soundtrack, oh boy, this is good, like they ain't playing around, they go ham with this. they also no joking when they said they want to make this tittle in their main ship, no sure how true that is, we know what happened with tales of tempest, we will see.

gameplay? a joke, like... this is some kind 3d epic seven, knight chronicles, what else? summoner wars? exos heroes? basically that's game but just few, like FEW tweak.
1. don't hope or even wish your SR chara as good as SSR, their skill won't even stand even a little with SSR. compare other game that similar with this game in mechanical view point, this game ain't favour lower rarity chara, other game still giving you lower rarity chara an ultimate or break limit or whatever you called flashy move that special to them, in this game only SSR have that privileged, so that... something I guess. at least their "neighbors" title give you basic ultimate for each character, let that sink in.
2. somehow they have combo mechanism? thought for me if you don't have SSR kinda pointless mechanic? I mean you'll know what I mean when you play it. it's hard to describe.
3. that memorial or memory fragment, kinda give interesting mechanism, but... kinda luck clusters, the Idea is to give your party bonuses by using a memorial shard that fits your play style, but again, most of the memorial shard is like favour specific type of Characters instead of giving team bonuses, you know? like "give 30% evade chance to knife weilding char", well if you have it, if don't? let it covered in the dust I guess.
4. so far nothing actually stand out from this game, it's like FFBE but have so many flaws. the Characters pool also wasn't even that good for now, so the selection is far far worst even for new open game, not to mention the only available chara is SSR and SR, lower than that, they just fragment for your memorial shard.
SlokaiWorshipper Tales of Crestoria | English


An ok game for tales fans that people don't have to worry for it being shut down anytime soon.

I would like to compliment for the graphics, don't know if it was just me but the game was kinda blurred when playing on my phone but looked find on Emulators.

Great character models which can be customized with accessories. I would not consider the animations and skill effects to be the feast for the eyes but they were pleasant to watch if that is your thing.

Voice acting was top-notch which brings alot of personality for every characters in game. The translations in the game are very professional and coherent. I would love too see English VA being added in the near future.

As the point of reviewing this game, I have not gone too far to have enough understanding about its story. However, in my opinion, the story was ok, enjoyable with many characters from other tales series but still have not left any memorial impression on me.

OST was good, the opening song was catchy and anime-ish enough to get you hooked. The rest of them were pleasant to listen to but I found them rather forgettable.

Combat is your standard turn-based battle with a little of twist and turn. When you first play the game, it will introduce you with "hit system", which increases your damage base on the total of hit numbers you deal during your turns. Each character with their skills has different hits and CD respectively. Thus, in order to maximize your combat efficiency, you should plan your next attack wisely. In my opinion, the combat is interesting enough to learn and play without feeling repetitive.

Auto and x2 speed are unlocked right away from the start, which is a good thing but with x2 speed the game felt very clunky to play.

Gacha is rather on the generous side with 5% for SSR rate. The game also gives you alot of gems with daily login, first clear, event. Rerolling in the game is also very easy, you can find many methods on its unofficial wiki. And you get to do a selective roll after finishing the tutorial, which is a good side if you want to play with your favourites.

Upgrade system is straightforward and easy to understand, I am not a friend with convoluted or interconnecting systems with tons of different materials.

Now I would not consider this is a con because many gacha games have it. It is your beloved "dupe system" again. Please say hi to your old friend. You may find this is annoying but this is just Bandai Namco with their knack. However, you can substitute your dupe with universal crystal (don't remember what it is called) which can be acquired through daily login although very scattered and you need 11 dupes for 1 character. Also please note that the dupe will provide your character with subtaintial powers. Red flag or not? You decide.

The game has pvp and with dupe system, you know what is waiting you ahead if you want to main pvp.

In conclusion, if you are tales fans or just simply seeking for another gacha game with turn-based combat then give it a chance before deciding to ignore. However, I have to pass on this one because it ran like an out of control nuke on my phone and a joke on my pc.
Sou-kun Tales of Crestoria | English


Después de probar el juego durante una semana que lleva de haber sido lanzado, lo encontré entretenido, con rates en el gacha bastante generosos, aunque tal vez sea el promedio.

La jugabilidad no tiene nada de especial, a la final solo lo dejas en auto y no haces nada más que ver a tus personajes atacar la mayoría del tiempo.

En sí, el juego es divertido si no tienes otra cosa que jugar.

PD: Actualmente hay un problema que no entiendo por qué no han solucionado, el cual te impide hacer las Power up Quest si no tienes puesta la hora de Japón en tu teléfono, esto me llevó a desinstalarlo.
Lonely_Light Tales of Crestoria | English


One of the best game of 2020. Together with exos
Lucas de Jesus Tales of Crestoria | English


Jogo lindo! Eu não estava dando nada, porque já tenho experiência com o the Ray e pra mim ainda continua sendo o melhor jogo mobile que já joguei na minha vida, ainda mais que o jogo não seria parecido com isso.... Mas me supreendeu! Trilha sonora incrível, história chamou a atenção, banners sem frescura (consegui coisas boas). Continuarei jogando e atualizando minha avaliação.
Freak Misogi Tales of Crestoria | English


Pues el juego se ve bastante bien, tiene varios personajes que me gustan como velvet, milla, sorey, no vi a leia pero supongo que después la agregan .
Ojalá no sufra del mismo destino que el Tales of the rays Na :'v
Nguyễn Hân Tales of Crestoria | English


idk but i dont really like the dupe system in this game, because it need ELEVEN dupe to maxed out your SSR, and SR doesnt have Mystic Artes, which make them much more weaker and SR has very low stats, it mean this game somewhat need to play with a party full of SSR, SR is useless because they're so weak in all the perspective
i will keep playing to see if the game gonna change this or not, if not, this is just another p2w game, even it kinda generous on 5% of SSR and giving alot of free stuff,but still, u cant max out your team if it need 11 dupes per character, and it's seriously impossible if you dont pay your real money on it
Liam Luna Miguel Tales of Crestoria | English


Tales of Crestoria es un juego bastante entretenido, si eres fan de la saga es muy recomendable que juegues este título, es increíble lo bien que está en cuanto a efectos y los modelos 3D, además las Mystic Artes son espectaculares, poco a poco va ir añadiendo a una buena parte de personajes de los demás títulos, tiene demasiado potencial; la historia es tanto seria como divertida, la jugabilidad es por turnos y está balanceado entre dificultad y diversión, lo interesante es que aquí no se puede subestimar a las unidades, pues todas cumplen un único rol y combinaciones de artes que cambian bastante tu modo de juego.
Aunque es un poco complicado avanzar por la distintiva falta de materiales para ascender.
Los momentos narrados con ilustraciones y cinemáticas lo hacen muy llamativo de leer de principio a fin, la música a mi no me gustó mucho, pero es subjetivo.
Es un juego sorprendentemente ligero (1.87GB) pero es realmente un juego exigente, muchas veces bajan los fps sin mencionar que calienta el teléfono por su ausencia de optimización.
No es offline y no tiene idioma Español.
(Postdata: Un aparato interesante del juego es la cronología de los Tales of, algo que en verdad, se agradece).
×KingofBel× Tales of Crestoria | English


If not for the bugs and bad management, this game could be really enjoyable. First of all, the storyline is even better than most of the Tales games in console. It's really interesting, quite dark compared to past games.

Music in this game is amazing. I've jerked into some of the soundtracks. And it's fully voiced, there you go. But the rates, quite nuts. It's pretty P2W too. Gameplay is just a generic turn based. And the bugs, damn it's annoying. Gets fc'ed everytime in PVP, world chat is unusable. Huge potential, but wasted by the developers.
₱ḛrƒeȼȽ.ՖիаԀφw Tales of Crestoria | English


The game is great and all, you dont need to spend money because its well rewarding and the OST music during story, cut scenes and menu feels amazing and welcoming to the tales of series. its still new but i hope they add more features or events to connect with other friendly players in the game.
Shiro Emia Tales of Crestoria | English


Да это отличная игра на фоне того говна что выходит последние годы, но она не идеальна...
На старте англ- это прям респект.
Шикарные проработанные персонажи и история.
Классический рпг сеттинг (он же и минус этой игры ибо это практически автобой).
Всё это портит то что игра по сути своей та же донатная помойка как и все мобилочки с кучей гринда и предложениями типа"ну купи".

Так же убила настройка графики из двух пунктов...
К чату подключится можно с таким же успехом как выбить сср в стандартной гаче), ну думаю это пофиксят.

Было бы намного лучше если бы это была пк или консольная игра... А так пройти историю и удалить
Talazzz Tales of Crestoria | English


Well... it's Tales game. So of course the quality will be good. The story tbh it's fine you've seen it before but the character make it so fun and interesting to read. I love how they interact with each other and the old voice actor is back so when you meet or pull someone from the past game it's kinda feel nostalgic and want to play the game again (well just forget about the other tales game in smartphone that the english server got pulled out[汗顏]). The only problem is Connection issues and the application force close by it self. it was fine if in the story but if it happen when you're in a ride it can be sucks. well, it's still a new game so it would be fixed in later build. The Gacha system honestly not too bad you can be a F2P player and getting a SSR is not that hard well in some cases or account it's hard I need to reset it 3 times until I get what I want but it's not a big deal I mean every gacha game is like that. I'm still waiting for my bby Mikleo I hope he come home to me when he gets implemented inti the game.
Ichi San Tales of Crestoria | English


Tales games have really good storylines. I love the dark twist in storyline that occurs early on; they give little hints and clues about it- but it was still a shocker.
Shame that fighting can be done only with SR-SSR rank units but I guess that's how they'll make profit!! Soundtrack is okay.
I got a free Dezel and best boi Ludger so I'm extremely happy.
Crestoria's cast is also really interesting!
Seishin Fox Tales of Crestoria | English


Once upon a time there was a man tasked to help princesses and boost their powers to defeat an evil witch which he failed and cost his life.
He was resurrected again but his memories of the past are gone and he has to learn all the things back again to try defeating the witch once more. The end.

If you reached this part, congratulations! You've just read Princess Connect synopsis [開心]

Sorry about that, ok! Tales of Crestoria... I'm not a super fan of tales games but I've been checking them out from time to time and I've also watched a tales anime before.

On this game, you will get all of the Tales characters! Your waifus are here! Come! Play! What is it? Husbandos you say? They also have it! If you swing that way. [怪笑]

Serious note? This game is decent turn-based rpg that you might enjoy for quite some time. They seem to be generous at giving free stuff also. BUT what is this? PS3?! The 3D graphics looks outdated and will also have some slow downs for some reason. Character arts are great so it's kind of 50/50 on graphics. Story is like the generic MC that needs to be stronger and goes on adventure type of thing but the main gameplay is quite entertaining due to character moves being too flashy .[哇噻]
But beware! This game have mechanics! Just like Pokémon! Except it's uhmmm humans that are fighting. Elemental disadvantages! rock, paper, scissors thing! combo boost and more! But at early stages? You might just find yourself spamming attack.

You like tales games? Try this.
You like turn-based rpg? Try this.
Waifus? Yes
Husbandos? Yes!
Short tutorial?! YES! FINALLY!
Shehbi IV Tales of Crestoria | English


Nothing impressive, there are many games out there with the same genre that provides better graphics and more interactive gameplay than this.
Plus devs need to work out the bugs and lag issues, it just feels too clunky, even on high end devices.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Tales of Crestoria | English


📌Tales of Crestoria เกมแนวเทรินเบส RPG กราฟฟิกภาพสวยงามอลังปัง จากค่าย Bandai ใครๆก็เล่น มีตัวละครให้เลือกหลากหลายเอาใจคอเกม สายอนิเมะ เสพสตอรี่ที่แท้ทรู มีระบบต่อสู้ PVP สู้บอส กิจกรรมหลากหลาย ตัวละคร SSR ขนาดตัวเกมรวมทั้งหมดประมาณ 1.8GB อาจจะมีการอัพเดทเพิ่มอีกนะ
คนไทยมาใหม่มารวมกันรีวิวนี้ เพื่อนๆคนไหนติดปัญหาตรงไหน เม้นช่วยเหลือกันได้เต็มที่ครับ
🌟ในคอมเม้นสงสัยถามได้อาจจะมี วิธีการแก้ปัญหาต่างๆ ที่เพื่อนๆมาช่วยกันตอบ 😆 ต้องการรีเควสเกมไหนหรือติดอะไรทักถามแอดเพื่อน FB: Raccoon Channel ได้เลยนะ\
🎬 คลิปเกมทดลองเล่น 10 นาที ก่อนโหลดจ้า
QueenVivi Tales of Crestoria | English


this game has a lot of connection issues but thats undrestandeble cause its new but i love this
game,i love the story of it,love the characters
elguccitato Tales of Crestoria | English


en graficos y la musica bn pero en estilo de juego se hace muy monotono,ademas los enemigos se matan muy facil pero entretiene bastante


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