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Hải Sâm Shojo Calibur.io


Overall really nice
The only problem in the Beta is the connection, sometime you lose connection even though you're in a perfect environment. But I believe it wouldn't happen that much in the release
An Airborne Cat Shojo Calibur.io


Nothing particularly wrong with it.
Gets a bit boring fast, but as something to pick up and play here and there its quite solid.

This is an arena based game, 16 different characters (4 to choose from at the start) 4 different attack styles (maybe more, only have 3 characters atm)
Join in a room with others, grab gems and lvl up. die and lose it all, rinse and repeat.

The variety comes from skill cards, each having a different ability varying from support to offensive.
theres a 4v4 mode but I haven't touched on that yet.

Its a small game (roughly 300-400mb), good for people with limited space.
Try it out, might be for you
takeru GT Shojo Calibur.io


uwu, so cute wifus,, well
maybe want to view gameplay first
before instal and play this game 👇
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