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Taufik Aw Ikoi Note


I have played since the release. Competitive player. I have multiple event Top 3s including 1st Rank for Ishimaru Chika (SUPER GiRLS) in Tanabata and Utagawa Sakura (Last Idol) in Pickup 3.

I started as F2P player, but made some bad decision during event that forced me to buy some diamonds. As for now my total spending is 6960 JPY.

Laddering totally depends on your chosen member. Some are crazy AF. Some are totally lax. I got 1st in Utagawa without spending any money. Even before I ever spent any money, I could get Top 3 on each Kanazawa Yuuki (SUPER GiRLS) 2 times and Fujii Yui (URA-KiSS) once.

Graphics: Bad cuttings, but some idols look uberly cute in various poses.
Sound: Love the dialogue cues.
Gameplay: Pretty standard. But big improvement compared to Girls Beat Stage.
Story: Template, but some parts are modified for each member, sometimes including local dialect.
Value: You can play it for free and still be competitive - at least if you start early...
Aura Mew Mew Ikoi Note


Though I am not fan of datesims this game is solid and fun. Mostly for Jpop fans not as mainstream AKB48 or Nogizaka46. [色色]

P.S.: Free to play players be warn focus in the idol you like the most because it gets harder to get story unlock coins soon after.
Adhil Yudha Prawira Ikoi Note


over all it a good idol game, but there's so many similar story betweens idol, it lack of originality in the story.

and for some reason I can't play the event song all the time
if anybody know, please tell me
TanoShinji Ikoi Note


japanese idol start in the 60s with the first idol group johnnys
Тититити Мав Ikoi Note


is bad
muhammadabdulaziz Ikoi Note


still not got ruka ssr :(
長沢くん Ikoi Note


note timing sucks [發火]
Mayuyu48Yukirin Ikoi Note


I hope they add more groups like with Girlsbeatstage!
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