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DelasamaGamer Guardian Tales | Global


ufff en lo personal Guardian Tales fue la sorpresa del año pasado en cuanto a juegos móviles, lo descargue por qué buscaba un juego estilo RPG pero no quería algo de turnos, en cuanto lo ví me recordó a Zelda y vaya que tremenda sorpresa me lleve al ver que el juego es muy, muy, muy bueno, tanto que decidí hacer guías de él en mi canal de Youtube " Delasama Gamer" empecé haciendo una reseña y luego la gente me pidió más, hasta el momento tengo una guía completa de cada mundo, evento , cuento corto e historia extra que ah sacado el juego, todo al 100% . Lo vuelvo a decir, ya casi a 1 año de jugarlo dia a día y Guardian Tales es fácil uno de los mejores juegos gratis que existen en Android.
Ngacomix Guardian Tales | Global


TL;DR first, Guardian Tales (GT) is a mobile pixel action rpg with one of best stories, challenging puzzle, and fun gameplay. If you're into a rpg or story game, you should give it a try.

I try to write this review as spoiler-free as possible, let's start from the negative first.

- It's a pixel game, despite the pixel is modern and aesthetically pleasing, but still it's the most reason peoples skip to try to play GT.
- Early character arts and game preview are not convincing.
- Early story chapter feels very weak and random. Tho it will be masterpiece later on.
- Story dialog is auto and a bit faster to read.
- Puzzle is seriously challenging. If you're not good with these, you can just check on youtube or ask to community. Imo, it will be fun and feels good if you can clear it yourself without guide. (btw, i cleared all GT puzzle without guide until now [開心], ahem~ no one asking)
- Challenge in this game is challenging too, especially time challenge and rules battle. That's all about skill, so can be very stressful, frustating, and make players less motivate. Pssst, if you're not good enough, just don't be a perfectionist and skipping some challenge is also an option.
- Some contents are obviously designed for whale or tryhard type players (e.g. Kamazone, expedition, season achievements, etc).
- Like most korean games, have some competitive feature and powercreep character is a normal thing. If you're just into pve contents and story, it's not affects much anyway.
- Laggy, but the main reason is because of default setting, so it's easily fixed from adjusting in-game setting.
- FUNtasy.

+ FUNtasy.
+ Small game size.
+ The story is interesting, epic, and the main charm of this game. Also, it's mention lots of reference and humor.
+ Level cap limited by story world/chapter progression, so it's well balance.
+ Complex stage mechanisms from battle, puzzle, challenge, hidden/secret, etc.
+ Have a lot of QoL updates and keep updated.
+ F2P friendly, have a lot of freebies. Also, gem (GT currency) is easy to obtain, mostly come from weekly and guild contents. Tho most newbs or players who can't read don't know about this and complain, kek.
+ Easy to get character or weapon which you wants.
+ Stats increase from collection, progressing can be very fun and worth.
+ Various content, with various gameplay and uniqueness.
+ Can be played as very casual or competitive. Thanks to many number of contents. Imo GT suitable more like a side game than a main game.
+ Arts improved a lot. Also, japan version of GT is published by "Yostar", so global version have a button for switching character art to JP and viceversa. (fyi, JP art is kinda suggestive [白眼])
+ Thanks to JP version too, some character get JP voice character and old story chapter have voices right now.
+ Catchy music, especially from gacha menu and bingo event.
+ The dev always gives their best for the player.
Elgari4 Guardian Tales | Global


Игра супер затягивающая. Не надоедает, но
есть некоторые минусы для меня например
:1)как тратится кофе на пройденный этапы(рифт) б тупо 500 кофе уходит 2 часа времени. Я думаю нужно сделать как то без боя этот фарм.
2)арена тупо у кого сильнее прокачен и кому повезло с персами тот и выйграл.Так ещё иногда из-за интернета проигрываешь противникам.
1)легко фармить гемы для призывов (плюс ивенты ) можно спокойно играть без доната.
2)сюжет. Прикольный сюжет с юмором и особенно с грустными моментами.
3)музыка ла-ла-ла(ну вы меня поняли)
4)режимы(рифт, башня, зеркальный рифт, плюс ещё новый режим добавили)
5)головоломки(некоторые сложные прям)
Чтобы хотелось добавить:
2)более продумано сделать гильдию(больше ивентов или какой-нибудь клан вар и функции новые в клане. )
3)кооп(хотя на Корее это уже тестируется)
Думаю все.
Всем добра и печеньки( ^ω^)
Revy Bear Guardian Tales | Global


Very simple game and quite addictive though the story and dialogue is where this game shines. Unlike most mobile games the controls feel right for this game and the upgrade system is simple. Auto function works great for when you dont want to sit and play just to spend stamina. Gacha pity system is good, you can buy any 3* character after 300 rolls. Cons are, I feel the amount of gems needed for a ten roll is quite alot espeically for f2p taking into account there are character and weapon gacha bother seperate and the game relies heavily on weapons. though im not against this system but with 300 rolls required for the pity system it would mean you need 600 rolls for the character and their respective weapon. Worth a try very classic nostalgic type of game.
°Tαrzαη° Guardian Tales | Global


★Que jogo Incrível!!!!

★A primeira coisa que senti ao fazer o tutorial foi me lebrar os jogos que já joguei no Android, inclusive Zelda, Megamen e Outros.

★ O jogo é repleto de cenários mágicos com uma fusão 2D com 3D que é Bastante confortável aos olhos durante a Gameplay, é repleto de quebra cabeças que aumentam a dificuldade com o tempo... pra te testar é claro ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ se bem que algumas pessoas que não se desafiam vão ver vídeos ou algo do tipo[哇噻] mais pra quem não faz isso é meio difícil também porque tem coisas que você jamais vai imaginar fazer kkk.

★Tambem possuí várias referências [色色][色色][色色] você só percebe se for esperto, e algumas bem na cara mesmo (◡ ω ◡) (kkk) já começa com Zelda, o Resto você descobre (ㆁωㆁ) e depois ri com isso [怪笑].

★Em relação aos cristais no começo é bem fácil também, A Arena é bem dividida, o Coliseu é bem calculado (na maioria das vezes) porque as vezes tem alguém forte no elo baixo aí ferra tudo ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

★ Só avisando que o Gacha é Ótimo também,
a Taxa não é lá incrívelmente Alta mais o jogo acaba te surpreendendo... então só joga (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Swordz Anderson Guardian Tales | Global


For those who, like me, have that fervant passion for retro-style RPGs, or loves the puzzle aspect of Zelda games so much that you want more of it, look no further. A fantastic game with great characters and story plot. Many players stay in this game just for this very reason. If you love juicy plots, stick around, there's even more to come.

The game functions as a casual-style game, with a stamina system built in. Those who enjoy hours of gameplay nonstop, then this might not be for you. However, for me, half an hour of micromanaging this game allows me to progress steadily in Guardian Tales while I can have the rest of my time to do other stuff, which I personally cherish.

Story-wise, I'd say pretty predictable in certain cases, but there are quite a few side quests that are really good with playing your emotions, which is essential for a good story. But wait, there's more. This game? Literally littered with memes. Keep a close eye, you do not want to skip dialogue on this one, or you might miss a DBZ reference or never meet Link again. Also, they worked hard on the story so give it a read, 'kay?

One thing that might be distasteful is the gameplay. It is great actually, you don' t just rush in and spam, you need to pay attention to your enemies and time your attacks, skills and dodge to get out of hell's way. The AI, however, is a different story. As you would expect, AIs don't tend to make the best choices, like walking straight into a one-hit-KO redzone. PVP is also one thing that may ruin your day, since latency, server lags, DCs and exploiters are relatively frequent in this aspect. The game is still in soft launch, though, and the devs are dealing with the matter, being the great people they are. Still, I will say that the gameplay is absolutely lovable, just don't think too much about the PVP for the time being.

While this game does have a gacha system implemented with meta characters, the game is quite generous with its rewards, including gems required for summons. Events also give out tons of freebies if you work hard enough, and they're pretty frequent.

All in all, although there are some tweaks and fixes that need to be done, I would sincerely recommend this to anyone out there who has been searching for an RPG mixed with intriguing puzzles, be sure to check this one out.
SYRØ Guardian Tales | Global


Easily one of the best mobile games . The story is interesting and the quality stays consistent throughout the whole game. The gameplay is really fun and the controls are great. It's level design is where the game shines the most. Every level feels unique and there are a lot of side quests, secrets and puzzles. Once you complete some of levels on normal difficulty, you can play though them again on more difficult modes but what sets this game apart from many other games is that the new difficulty actually introduces a new story to the levels so that you won't feel like you're playing though the same thing again. The game features coop, boss raids, pvp(Automatic. You get ranked by trophies like clash of clans/royale), a mini game where you can build a town and harvest resources for upgrades, items and perks and it also has exp/awakening dungeons where you will be able to farm for resources. The gacha rate could be better and the gacha currency becomes scarce as you progress through the game However the gacha can easily be ignored since the game is fun.
Ssyrenix Guardian Tales | Global


It's the biggest piece of dogshit. Colo is so random and inconsistent, arena is hella pay to win, coop is so bad, the other game modes is boring as hell, the season achievements is tiring as fuuck, the puzzles are too easy for me. The only good thing about this game is the story, but playing this shit for the story is not really worth it 'cause you need to grind a lot to proceed. Imma just simply watch the story in yt. Don't waste your time.
EDIT: I just realized i already lost interest on the story 'cause it's foreseeable and it has bunch of bullshit and stupidity. Stop making me feel bad for the characters and continue playing and spending(spent 900+ usd). It'll no longer work anymore.
SkyRocketMiner Guardian Tales | Global


There really isn't any mobile game I've enjoyed playing more than Guardian Tales, it has a very captivating storyine, with good character design.

Also by far the most generous and understanding developer team I've ever come across, from regular free gifts to ACTUALLY LISTENING TO CRITICISM, the GT dev team is the most community-friendly team I have ever seen.

Take the game at your own pace, no one's rushing you. You can even join a Guild (clan) to help boost your progress with weekly guild events and to meet new players.

Overall, the best game I have ever played on a mobile. [色色]
Trần Văn Cường Guardian Tales | Global


is anybody here like me :??
everytime i access to this game its always told me unable to connect to the sever :v
Gavvar Game Hunter Guardian Tales | Global


Its amaziiiiing
i really thought ar first that it would be crap but all my worries were banished very fast .
The gameplay is amazing
Story excellent
I really love that they dont have an auto button it would made me get bored very easily cyz it's always a tempetion to do them the easy way(daily's,dungeons and etc .)
It's a different gacha from all the rest out there and better than most .[色色][色色][色色][色色]
Phạm Minh Anh Guardian Tales | Global


10 out of 10!! Really really awesome! So new, so good, the graphic is so nice!! I love this game, it reminded me of my childhood a lot through the pixel graphic! Hope you guys continue to develop the game over and over! Thanks for create this game for us to play!
Thousand of love!
Kito 505 Guardian Tales | Global


Sinceramente un Juego que te entretiene con su maravillosa Historia, Características de sus Personajes, Eventos, Modos de juego, etc. Para mi uno de los mejores Juegos de Android, y en mi Opinión mejor que el Genshin Impact. Espero poder seguir jugándolo en Movil de 2 de RAM pq es un Juego q me Cautivo mucho, y espero seguir jugando el Juego hasta su Fin.

Muchas Gracias KakaoGames por traer un Juego tana Maravilloso como Guardian Tales.
Rekyous Guardian Tales | Global


demasiado bueno en juego, debo decir que me pase varias horas jugandolo, es muy adictivo y divertido, la verdad si merece una buena calificación, debido a que el gameplay es muy interactivo y dinamico, los personajes aunque no resalten demasiado su forma chibi en pixi 2D muestran lo lindo que son, el sonido es perfecto es una mezcla de musica moderna con sonidos ambientales :) y el valor por las compras en el juego son buenos pero aqui vale más el poder mejorar tus personajes a tener varios personajes de los gachas aunque si depende de que armas obtengas en definitiva le doy un 9.5 🎖️☺️.
Lauty Baez Guardian Tales | Global


la verdad muy buen juego tiene bastantes cosas para tenerte entretenido....

ahora estamos en el servidor latino solos top 1 DemonHunters :)
Санчо Guardian Tales | Global


Игра не плохая. Сюжет здесь не для галочки, что является большим плюсом. И он довольно интересный.
Геймплей напоминает старую зельду. Впринципе простой, но интересный. На уровнях, помимо убийства врагов, также есть различные секретки, включая костюмы и персонажей. Плюс, реиграбельность. Пройденные уровни можно пройти второй раз и они уже будут другие.

Гача, впринципе, особо не выделяется чем то. Скажу лишь то, что тут из неё иногда выпадают герои низкого ранга. То есть прям вообще мусор. Зачем они - непонятно. Получить тир 1 героя сложно, но возможно. А ведь ещё нужно оружие к нему выбить. Вот это уже сложно.
HirumaSenpai Guardian Tales | Global


El juego es muy entretenido, los paisajes y graficos son buenos para mi gusto personal. Me gustaría poder ver mas colaboraciónes con algún otro juego o serie de anime ya que sería estupendo y poder meter mas recompensas al pase élite, pero fuera de eso los eventos son buenos y los gacha también 10 de 10.
AlubisKun Top Contributor Guardian Tales | Global


Guardian Tales

Cute pixel style. The designs of each character are interesting and there are many free skins that look amazing. They’ve well utilized the advantage of pixel designs to reduce the information overload but still managed to keep the atmosphere energized and exciting.

The music is very good and immersive in my opinion. The sound effects are good in general, and the voice acting is splendid especially in Japanese, as if I’m watching an anime series.

It does a great job on maintaining a balance among the simplicity, the accessibility, and the satisfaction of the combat system. The control is easy enough for most casual players while skillful plays are possible for the veterans. The variables of different weapon skill combos and the arrangement of heroes in the team make the fight changeable and flexible. The game mixes numerous types of elements as a whole, the one I specifically enjoyed was the puzzle factor. It’s very satisfying to resolve the puzzles hidden in the game and get all stars off the stage. One thing I didn’t find particularly interesting is the sim city building as it doesn’t majorly affect the progress and ended up a bit boring. The game has reasonable grinding needs but you can actually feel the heroes are getting stronger so I would say the feedback is good. It’s quite generous in giving out free resources if you don’t want to spend too much.

Like many other games the main storyline passes through all chapters, and it’s very interesting they’ve put a lot of side quests and side stories into the game. They help broaden and solidify the worldwide background story and add a bit of fun moments during the gameplay.

To summarize I think this is a great game in combination with delightful stories, amazing role play experience, satisfying combats, cute animated characters and interactions. I definitely recommend you guys to give it a try and play it for a while.

Follow me to check out more game reviews if you like this!
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Guardian Tales | Global


สำหรับคนที่ความหลงใหลในเกม RPG แนวย้อนยุคหรือชอบเกมไขปริศนาของเกม การพจญภัยในรูปแบบใหม่ๆมีความหลากหลายของตัวละครและด่านทำให้ไม่น่าเบื่อกาชา ไม่ขอพูดถึง...เกมมีเป็นภาษาไทยนะไม่ต้องกลัวเล่นไม่ได้ โหลดเลย..


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