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Fabrice Michaud Resuscitation Girl


The game is in english, even if the description is korean.
KPCahyadi Resuscitation Girl


Imagine CR* with portal mechanic that make the navigation feel convoluted and frustrating at the same times then this is it, this is the game.

I didn't mean to hate on this CR clone or anything but man does this game feel way too frustrating to play.. For most of the part sure it explains how the game mechanics work with images and video, but it also had text pop-up that supposed to shows text that tells you how to use this and that but instead it shows nothing.. So you end up knowing nothing about the game mechanics and top of that after you finish with the game mechanics introduction you were thrown into PvP and you barely knows how to play. WHAT A GREAT START RIGHT? Duh... NOPE.

The only good thing I found from the game is it had English language, that's about it I guess?

Should you try it?

NO, but uh well... Depends if you want to experience it by yourself, but otherwise go look for another CR clone that less frustrating than this one.
Hntrynyhhytjy Game Hunter Resuscitation Girl


Oyun Korece yazmasına rağmen eng oynanabiliyor ve bu tuhaf... Kısa bir süre oynadım o yüzden uzun uzun anlatamam kısacası oyun aynı fotoğraflardaki gibi ne eksik ne fazla (eksikleri var bu arada bence) oynanır mı derseniz bence boşuna indirmeyin geçici bir heves gibi en fazla 1 hafta veriyorum bu oyuna keşke az el atsalar update vs bekleyip görücez kısacası [no][no][no]
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Sakura Yoshioka
Rough Estimation of Dias Hello everyone! Since I'm an F2P and in desperate need of dias for the upcoming SOUL Unit 6th Anniversay cards, I made a computation of the dias we can have through idol birthdays and events! I just want to share this to everyone who also want to plan their dia savings [開心][開心] I hope this can help you hehehe ~~~~~~~~~ ♡ ~~~~~~~~~ Birthdays: 40 dias > log-in bonus = 35 dias > bday mission = 5 dias Weekly Log in Bonus: 15 dias (3rd day and 7th day) Tour event: 170 dias > reach at least 1, 200, 000 (1.2 million) = 80 dias > Day 1-30 = 90 dias (3 dias/day if finished with 3 stars) Song events: 80 dias > reach at least 1, 200, 000 (1.2 million) New songs: 55 dias > score B = 2 dias/difficulty > score S+ = 3 dias/difficulty > combo B = 2 dias/difficulty > combo S+ = 3 dias/difficulty > clear C = 5 dias > clear B = 5 dias > clear S+ = 5 dias ~~~~~~~~~ ♡ ~~~~~~~~~ Notes: > Estimated to have at least 2 events per month > 8 days of event and 7 days of non-event > pattern of tour and song events is not yet known (at least for me [難過]) Not included > special events (like Majestic Magic) > new readable stories > nth day log in (like 100 days log in) And there you have it! This just shows how hard it is to earn dias [大哭][大哭] I'll attach a list of birthdays that I made from the idol profiles~ [微笑] I hope this helps on your savings fellow producers! If you guys found any mistakes on my notes, please feel free to reply! If you have questions, you can ask me as well! [開心][開心]
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