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Nadeshiko Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


Personally,I prefer PGR over honkai mostly cuz of combat system.Graphics r the same except PGR has less storage.Dodging is limited by short time frames so timing is very important in late game contents.QTE system works very different here.Outside of super-calculating space(similar to time fracture),u need three of the same color skill balls to active sub members' QTE but ur main member won't be switched in,while during scs,u only need one skill ball to trigger QTE.That's a plus from me since u won't be losing any damage potential especially during war zone(similar to infinity abyss/Dirac sea) & phantom pain cage(similar to memorial arena).Consciousness rescue is very challenging to play especially when u have low lvl/cp team.There r five different gacha banners for now;selection character banner(80% for any baseA u selected every 10pulls/guaranteed baseS at 40pulls for first time/guaranteed baseS at 60pulls after that),two special character banners(one with 70% up-rate baseS at 60pulls & the other with 70% up-rate baseS within 80-100pulls),selection weapon banner(80% for 5star u selected every 10pulls/80% for 6star u selected at 30pulls)& normal weapon banner.As for consciousness(similar to stigmata),there r six equipable slots with 4-piece effect at max.Unlike Hi3rd,they r all completely grindable from war zone & shop which is very f2p friendly.Every character fragments r grindable from side stories & phantom pain cage.From my experience,among five baseS,kareniina(white drill-haired girl) has the highest damage output because she has her own 6* fire set.I recommend choosing her from GR777 exchange code then pull her signature weapon.Shenwei as second for now but when his 6* shadow set is out,he would surpass kareniina despite being a tank himself followed up by Lee.Rerolling is kinda weird though.Rename both PGR data file from android/data & PGR obb file from android/obb(simply adding 1 at the end of files would do),clear game data from phone settings then rename them back to original.That would only make fb acc log out while both google & guest acc would still be logged in.Basically u need tons of fb acc so u have to create those with any dummy emails u have.That's all,folks.Thanks for taking ur precious time just to read this mountain of words.Have fun playing.
Anto V Libra Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


I'm very like the story and the gameplay of this game. I'm very hope this game release global soon


bangke2, bosen liat komenku mulu🤣
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


📌Punishing: Gray Raven มาแล้วสำหรับเซิฟไต้หวันล๊อกอินได้ง่ายขึ้นใช้Gmail หรือ เฟสบุ๊คล๊อกอินจ้า เกมอนิเมะในธีมของโลกอนาคต โดยเกมนี้น่าจะโดนใจเกมเมอร์หลายคนแน่นอน ด้วยกราฟฟิกงามๆ เนื้อเรื่องสุดเข้มข้น และการต่อสู้สุดมันส์ เรียกว่าใครสายบู๊ สายเมะ
ใช้เนื้อที่ราวๆ 2.69 GB ครับ
คนไทยมาใหม่มารวมกันรีวิวนี้ เพื่อนๆคนไหนติดปัญหาตรงไหน เม้นช่วยเหลือฝากกลุ่มกันได้เต็มที่ครับ
🌟ในคอมเม้นสงสัยถามได้อาจจะมี วิธีการแก้ปัญหาต่างๆ ที่เพื่อนๆมาช่วยกันตอบ 😆 ต้องการรีเควสเกมไหนหรือติดอะไรทักถามแอดเพื่อน FB: Raccoon Channel ได้เลยนะ
🎬 คลิปเกมทดลองเล่น 10 นาที ก่อนโหลดจ้า
🎮: https://youtu.be/yGcEuOU7_js
aldndx al Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


Gamenya Bagus!efek dari setiap serangan sangat detail.grafik bisa diatur,gerakan lumayan real.suara bagus,suara effect serangan lumayan keren.gameplaynya juga bagus banget dijamin bikin ketagihan main.untuk storyline juga lumayan.untuk masalahnya, ketika sinyal drop, gameplay jadi beku.dan akan kembali ketika sinyal sudah bagus. itu saja yang bisa saya nilai.
Thomas Victor Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


olha esse jogo è uma obra de arte sem igual, a qualidade grafica è muito bonita e bom de jogar, sera q è pedir demais pra ele ter uma traduçâo em pt quanto vir pro ocidente.
Blizzty Gazzany Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


This game is greater compared to honkai impact, cause this game run smoothly on high graphic 60fps on my phone, and as for story, sidestory, gameplay, UI, graphics, all of em are way better than any other game with the same genre in my opinion[開心][開心]
MizKyuu Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


Excelente juego con una jugabilidad fácil y gráficos imprecionantes con una historia excelente aunque espero por lo menos que esté en el idioma japonés o ingles ya que el chino me cuesta entender algunas frases y no pueda seguir el diálogo y la historia correctamente
Neko Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


AshuraSen Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


ja ja ja, ¿pues que les digo?, es una de esas joyitas invaluables que el abuelo cara de reliquia prehistórica guarda en su cajón del sótano, y que cuando la abres, sale un polvo venido desde el sahara que te asfixia, y no solo eso, sino que empiezas a alucinar por el polvo que inhalaste, sip, lo adivinaste, el polvo del desierto se combinó con los polvitos magicos de tu tío, y ahora desarrollaste una obsesión enfermiza por masturbar a animales
File_Archive Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese



To be completely honest, even though this game has been doing really well, I still think its under-rated. Let's break down the quality of each aspect of the game shall we? I'll keep this relatively short and summarize the quality of each aspect without spoiling anything!

Story (5/5) : Not only is the game setting and storyline has a relatively unique idea, it's also paced masterfully. Some may say the beginning is slightly slow, but if you continue to play past those parts, it only adds to the experience. It allows you to understand what all those slow paced parts were building up to. The story also has a deep meaning, each encounter, showing the story and reason behind the Punishing virus and it's existence. This is one of the few games which makes me actually pity the villainous race, and at the same time wish for their epic deaths.

Gameplay & Flashy Graphics Art Animation (5555/5) : Holy crap is the art and animation NEXT LEVEL. Punishing: Gray Raven has a relatively unique art style, especially compared to modern ACGN games. The art style was taken directly from the previous game called Twintails Battlefield (made by the same dev Kuro Game by the way), and transformed into something beautiful. The CGI in this game is also the best I've seen, not only are the effects top tier, the gameplay and frame by frame graphics quality is absolutely breath taking. I swear you'll jump out of your seat, screaming "LET'S PHUCKING GO LUCIA" As she use her sword skills with that animated moves with perfection, hitting the infecteds!

Sound & Music (5/5) : The sound in this game is the exact model that every single ARPG game should have. The effects, electro sound, all merge seamlessly with the smooth fluid gameplay. The music effectively hypes you up or change your mood when necessary, AND BOY IS THE BGM TRACK AT THE END OF CHAPTER 12 IS SICK, HOLY PHU...

Characters (5/5) : While playing the previous title called "Twintails Battlefield" to the current game, I really did not like the characters and the character development phases. Each character had a troupe personality, and were relatively cringe to read. Though the game surprised me, it changed the characters personality into something that was either funny, exciting, or just generally interesting. The character development was outstanding, and at some parts were really emotional and touching.

Value & Enjoyment (4/5) : Although I loved the game, and I think it's a masterpiece, I just don't really have a deep connection with it. Sure each day i'd be eager and stay up till 12:AM to play this mobile gacha game, but I just don't have the same attachment to the game as I do with some of my other favorite mobile games. That being said, everything was done to perfection in my opinion, and there is just one small aspect which I have overlooked which might've made this game not as good as it can be.

Overall (4.8/5)


Thank you for reading my lenghty review.
Gyiuu Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


eu achei uma gameplay mt divertida,a unica coisa q falta é traduzir para português, recomendo para varios otakus nota( ∞/10 pra esse jogo) 😍❤️
Nathan Ting Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


Essentially Honkai Impact, notable difference being the style of the game. However, doesn't mean its a bad game, the game itself is well polished, gameplay is exhilarating yet maintaining mechanis not hard for the average player. Grinding is made easier with numerous quality of life functions. Energy required for quests is on the short side, probaly my only dissatisfaction. Characters are well made, with outfits and weapon modifications, allowing for customization plus additional outfits should be added in further updates of the game. Overall, worth playing, worth the try.
siapa peduli. Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


buset update berasa download ulang anying, tapi gpp lah demi istri 3D ≥3≤
Marcos Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


mano?3 dias jogando,umas 17 horas de jogo e QUE JOGÃO
bem f2p (até agora) gráfico maravilhoso,modelos,efeitos de ataque tudo é incrível no nível Honkai
e não é por nada que comparam muito os dois,o único ruim é ser em chinês,mas Global já foi anunciado (sem data ainda) mas mesmo assim é maravilhoso,com certeza o melhor Gacha que eu joguei nos últimos 5 meses
PGR Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


this is the best game but i have a question does tap tap getts punishing gray raven TW updates faster than tap tap?( ^ω^)
Dreadlord Alucard Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


I'll give the game a higher score when i can play longer than 2 missions and not have 100 connection problems that constantly keep me at the title screen, game plays like honkai but dodging is meh and doesn't respond all the time when i hit it, story idk all i know about the game is boss fights ive seen on youtube make a pc port of this game with better server connection then I'll dive deeper into it.

Edit: Alright connection was stable and i was able to play for longer but all i have to say is good game will recommend to my friends once global version is out, only problem i have is the dodge button doesn't let me dodge for some reason it might just be me idk but I'll keep playing the game 👍
serendust Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


saran buat yg mau donlod: versi qooapp lebih update drpd taptap gaes, jgn lupa donlod versi taiwan (traditional chinise) biar gampang loginnya 👍
Eric Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


มีคนบอกว่าเหมือนhonkai แต่ไม่เหมือนhonkai คือมีตัวละครผู้ชาย เป็นสายฟรีที่ไม่เคยเกลือ แล้วก็ไม่จนอีกต่อไป55
KanaoTsuyuri Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


o jogo é incrível, mais trava muito a cada segundo,
fica com tela preta e sai por conta própria
esse é o único jogo que tenho no meu celular
Yatogami Tohka Punishing: Gray Raven | Traditional Chinese


😋😋 untuk gamenya bagus dan gacha-nya tidak terlalu ampas juga. bisa untuk move on dari Honkai impact 3 yang size+update+ loop update yang gak ngotak


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