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ViktoriaBTS ChainBeeT 本格音ゲー


its traditional rhythm game play. no card collecting. not a gatcha. no leaderboards. its a very cute, single player game. it supports English & Japanese languages only. the song selection is small i suppose, but its easy to obtain the coins needed to unlock them all. the more songs you play = the more coins you get. im definitely keeping this on my phone,its a genuine gem especially if you just want a calm butsometimes challenging music game.

i give this a solid 10/10. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Nur Hadi ChainBeeT 本格音ゲー


Game yang hampir matahin jari gue gegara main pakai 2 jempol doang di mode hard.
Offset udah yg paling debest menurutku Selepas Ga kalah sama Cytus atau Deemo. Story ga ada. Lagu bisa dibeli ama currency atau main aja sampe dapat minim Rank A entar ada bonus stage buat dapat lagu meskipun cuma 3 doang. Semuanya bergantung pada jarimu. Hanya itu saja
Lova ChainBeeT 本格音ゲー


Game rhytm simple, sederhana, lagu nya ada banyak ku baru mulai main jadi belum kenal banyak.. Asik mainnya. Bahasa Inggris ada~ Gacha, story, tidak ada. Cuma mainin lagu. Sederhana~
Afdoli Muhamad ChainBeeT 本格音ゲー



i love the system, i love the songlists as well, i hope you always update the game regularly , i dont mind the ads tho , its still tolerable

love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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