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Wisnu Darkevo Noah Bottle


i can practice editing beat same as beatmap osu
but Android version
Cloud-gazer Game Hunter Noah Bottle


Noah's Bottle was the first rhythm game that I have played, and that was 6 years ago!

The game's graphics is beautiful and it's very interesting to see each of the musician's illustrations and their genies. It's also worth noting that the Noah Bottles each have a unique shape that has many influences that seem worth to theorize on. The maps are detailed enough and pretty calming to watch. Each part's transition from day to night, from clear to stormy is really well done that it feels natural!
After coming back to this game after many years, the new mini-game in the menu has a very beautiful illustration and I really love that library's atmosphere!

The soundtracks to this game is relaxing and speaks the game's atmosphere pretty well. The sound effects of the notes being tapped blended to whatever music in your playlist as well that it doesn't feel out of place. There are also hidden stuff located in the map and if you tapped closely to elements that are related to the story aside from the genies and the Noah bottles, you get a reward!

The game is pretty easy to get the grasp on, and a lot friendly than the challenging rhythm games like Arcaea. The pattern differs from which musician mode you play in but there's not much difference other than the added difficulty. By musician modes I meant the different bottles you decided to play in-- however, the progress doesn't affect the musicians as we're originally playing as Sakura.

The story is pretty simple as the main goal of the game is for the player to keep on playing musics to strengthen the genie and progress in the story. We get to see a small glimpse of the lives of each musician is in. The boss can be easy to defeat if you got around the game or if you're a rhythm games pro-gamer. I like the simplicity of this game's storyline.

Overall, it's a good game to start your rhythm games journey other than the popular rhythm games of course.
CanameMik Top Contributor Noah Bottle


i probably biased a bit because this game is technically the one who introduced me to rhythm games. anyway, i think this is one of the best mp3 rhythm games out there, complete with edit mode. BUT the problem for me is that the speed feature. you need to buy it. yeah you can earn the currency in game but playing with slow speed feels akward for me :/
Desta Alega Noah Bottle


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