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LimiMimimi World Flipper


People need to stop giving the game 1 star just because there's a server problem. Server issues get fixed, you just have to wait a bit or keep trying. Have some patience. This game is absolutely amazing and I haven't found anything like it on the store yet. The gameplay is different and interesting, the pixel graphics are just MMMM SO CUTE and the art is amazing! Thank you for another hit, Cygames. I hope this gets translated someday!
Saleh S. Court World Flipper


The people review bombing just don't understand that the 'nerfed' mechanic was op, they just can't nuke the living daylights out of harder content with mono wind anymore.

All they did was balance the game, don't review bomb a good game with fun gameplay and really nice designs because its not letting you exploit a mechanic for easy mode, you can't really be this childish.
Bayaya World Flipper


its a great game, blablablabla wind element too op blablablablabla, nerfed blablablabla it was balance issue blablabla, great pixel animation, blablabla ppl with small pp got butthurt since their team no longer op blablabla.

im just a filthy casul, give me more energy for playing. who cares about meta and whatnot.
Carlos Moises Lacayo Fong World Flipper


Pls make it Global!! Or at least an English translation [怪笑]
Henner Setyono World Flipper


RUBBISH DEVELOPER. They released a Wind banner and nerfed it to unusable-state 2 days after it ended.

That team isn't even the strongest. Thunder and Light is stronger but Wind is more f2p friendly so dev didn't like that.
BloodTrinity World Flipper


TIP FOR C1002!!! If you get C1002, hit the google play button several times and then hit the screen, it might take awhile or maybe an instant, but you'll eventually get in!
edit: Seems like they fixed the server issue since the morning of 29th Nov, so it's all good now guys!
DuskLight World Flipper


i will admit i was a bit skeptical going in mostly because a friend was talking about the launch date in discord but once i downloaded it the next day i was instantly HOOKED and could not stop playing/logging on now i do have a few issues lack of side events meaning there should be way more events surrounding the average solo player and not just high level boss and teo i wished energy wasnt so low all the time it goes by fast when your grinding out a few characters we should atleast get a refill every day overall this is a very solid gacha gane sure i may not understand the language but doesn't stop me from appreciating the art style and gameplay which is awesome even on auto mode hopefully they will stick with this game and provide constant events and maybe collab with Granblue would be awesome.

and yeah people need to stop lowering the star rating over stupid issues only, have you ever thought maybe it's just your crappy phone 🤣
Ferret Dookadook World Flipper


Thank you dumb ESLs for turning this review system as bad as google play. Go back. One star for some minor issue I got past in 5 minutes. The rating is undeserving for something thats finally fresh gameplay and more action paced. Finally glad to see something thats not turned based autoplay or push a skill every so often. The pixel style may be offputting to some but its got fun gameplay and the character art is nice. I love pinball and I like that this requires some reaction skill.
Dony 15 World Flipper


Don't be mad just because wind got nerfed lmao
Nguyễn Hữu Công World Flipper


Unique gameplay, superb pixel artstyle, cant comment much about the sound since i usually turn down the volume. Stop giving out negative rating just because you can't by pass the VPN, this is a good game.
Nobody Here World Flipper


Game is super fun, gacha or otherwise. Don't let any bad reviews from salty folks bring it down!
Huda Niki World Flipper


SiuMai World Flipper


If you forget the fact that the game requires VPN, it honestly is a great game. You can play it casually on the side or you can build teams to take on more challenging content like the boss fights with other players online.

Behind the simple pinball gameplay and pixel graphics, the game packs a lot of value you don't usually find in similar games.
max selalu World Flipper


Yeah as an f2p gammer the nerf was unnecessary for non pvp game(i even have my full wind team ready and still haven't beat boss rush to)

but cmon guys even in popular games such as Dota/LoL,heck even some popular f2p gatcha games had it,and why its shouldn't be in here?

yes i don't know how much they weakened the wind attribute,maybe its really its unplayable

but as just like every good game out there people its smart and amazing they find a way to carry on(ether with new mechanic/other exploit/simply loved the game)and thats why i love exploring game till this day,and i can say this game was just like every other mobile game,its addicting with new breakthrough and also enjoyable in other aspects (pixel art,fluid movement,even the shiet catchy song was good)

so to warp things of,mobile game its poluted park full of salty people... and i cant helped but to loved it.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor World Flipper


RPG มีจุดเด่นการต่อสู้ในรูปแบบ เกม Pinball แปลกดีน่าเล่น..555+
Lavitz World Flipper


Un mélange de graphismes 8-bit in-game et de beaux graphismes pour des personnages charismatiques, un gameplay très simple pour un jeu de flipper plutôt entraînant et détente ! 😀 Un jeu définitivement unique en son genre, plutôt riche en contenus, et avec en prime, un gacha à 5% (25% de 4*) très généreux qui m'a donné plus que nécessaire pour commencer dans de bonnes conditions ! [哇噻] En plus, le mode auto n'est pas trop stupide, c'est rare ! :D

Si jamais vous ne comprenez pas quoi que ce soit sur ce jeu (interfaces, missions, gameplay, etc.), n'hésitez à pas à me rejoindre sur le groupe SOS TRADUCTION [JP/FR] (41529) et je vous aiderai avec plaisir ! 😍 Et n'hésitez pas à vous abonner à mon compte pour plus de reviews et de guides sur les derniers jeux à la mode !
asuni World Flipper


Stop rerolling! The servers are overloaded! I can't continue playing! My Clarisse is waiting to alchemic abort-
gorowo!!!!! World Flipper


This game is still new, so I'm not complaining that much of them nerfing. They are still making changes and they did make the christmas event better too! I'm looking forward to what comes in the future.
Mr. Tyrant World Flipper


Es bastante entretenido por ahora
Haruhime World Flipper


potato servers, gonna edit this until it got fixed.


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