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𝒰𝓃𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌𝓃~ Potion Punch 2


I've never made a rating before, but here goes


The art is stunning! Not to mention that it's not static at all. Everything from the interactions with the patrons, to the short Level Up sequences, are so ful of character and charm it's just... WOW

Every item is beautifully made, every location is wonderful and the patrons and the characters really shineeee


I can't express how much I love the sounds in the game. The music was expertly composed and each area has its own theme. The sound effects are all so relaxing and it really feels like you're then and there.


It may and does look like your ordinary cooking game but hellll naw!! First of all, it sells magical items in this fantasy world, and they explain in great detail how these items work as well. You're not a barista or a chef, you're a merchant selling potions, runes, and even lanterns to different travellers and people.

Not only that, but the game is separated into different locations each with their own gameplay. And it's not the same for each one. Yes, there is a recurring theme of colors and mixing them, but that's not all that it has to offer. Trust me, the gameplay is so varied from place to place so once you've mastered one area, you're free to move to the next, or you can even stay a while and try their Endless Mode.

I just really really love the gameplay mechanics of this game.


Yes, there is a story. Since it is Potion Punch 2, it follows the story of Noam and Lyra as they travel through the lands. I'm not gonna spoil any story elements, but it does give more life to the gameplay. The goal of the story is to help a friend and not just "be the best merchant" or "be the best chef". There's an eventual end goal, but that doesn't mean the story ends then and there. Even al lthe different patrons tie in to the story. Even the red goblins or the sneaky shapeshifters eventually become part of it.

The story also broadens the world building of this game and helps to transport you to the world of Potion Punch.


I'm not sure what, this means so I'm guessing the in-game purchases?

The game itself is free-to-play and there's no need at all to purchase extra gems and such.

From a gaming standpoint, this is excellent since most games are difficult without buying stuff from their shops, especially with buying gems. But the game gives you chances to get gems through ads, and these ads are voluntary as well. There's no random ad popping up during your gameplay. It only appears in exchange for extra coins or gems which is amazing!

Most of the things that you would most likely purchase are the cosmetics and there's no shortage of it. Since the company was mad ein Southeast Asia (Philippines to be specific), there're a lot of skin that represent different cultures in the area and I think that's amazing how they represent people of different races and walks of life.

The sad thing is, is that they probably don't get enough revenue for this game. As I said, you're not really required to purchase any gems since the game will happily provide for you for quests and such. So, I urge yall to support them through donations or maybe buy a pack or two since they really undervalue their prices a lot. It'll help this small company.

To think that they've made such a great game! It's amazing, really!
KLASHIN Potion Punch 2


Cah Ternus Potion Punch 2


it's fun and well done.
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