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nayuta ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


this franchise is slowly sucking out my soul. this franchise is hell and heaven on earth. this franchise is everything you could ever ask for.

it's so addicting to be into such an amazing franchise, in which characters have so much space for character development. you'll get to watch them grow as people and you'll experience first hand how beautifully the characters are all written, and how amazingly well this is all done. this is definitely my favourite thing about aaside - seeing as these characters will be able to come to understand things around them and how situations can impact them so much.

argonavis means the whole world to me and i can't wait to see what will happen in the coming days, months, years. i want to see so much from this franchise and i can only think of the positives.

please give this a chance if you're looking for a new game in which you can easily get attached to the characters, all while enjoying amazing music and a wonderful rhythm game! 🙏🙏
geeg ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


Как игрок в бандори, могу сказать только одно: ah shit here we go again
Hagumi_my_wife ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


Итак, я специально выжидала круглый год чтобы это сказать...

Поклоняйтесь, Феликсу. Верьте в Феликса. Он наставит вас на путь эстетики и вкусной жизни.
jirosbf ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


edit: the updates of this game solved all of my problems when it was first released so i'll be changing my reviews now, but my new problem is that the events are too hard for everyone to catch up to and that the game will soon die if they keep going on like this. i saw quite a lot of complaints from japanese fans about the game's events being hard, which i agree on. hopefully the devs come up with a new type of event and switch between two or more types of event tiering, much like A3! and Enstars.

the game is a huge disappointment,,,,

the gameplay is laggy ,the notes in the live sessions are too small and can't be adjusted , the gacha rates aren't too bad but the graphics are .the photos are low quality and they look like they just copy and pasted the transparent pngs from the characters' wiki pages .the game overall seems half-assed ,big disappointment .if the devs needed more time we could've waited longer .the game feels really rushed and all that excitement i had was wasted for nothing .i feel like this game is gonna die soon unless they fix everything in the next update ,which i hope they will .i really love the franchise and seeing the game like this saddens me .
нанамин ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


я думала что розовые флики из бандори которые засчитываются раз в сто лет уже ничего не переплюнет но тут появились зеленые стрелки в аасайде
Dugong ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


oke!! now that ive played it for quite a long time, im gonna give my review!! (p.s. i play using nokia 5.1 plus)

tl;dr: its great overall, but sure needs some more improvement.


its good and easy to understand! and the gacha is, well, pretty good i suppose? its very hard to get a 4* (i mean, i rerolled 5+ times for shu) but then again i dont really expect much.


pretty great but absolutely, and i mean absolutely needs more improvement. it has a tons of bugs (at least for me). the ui is rather simple, and honestly im fine with it. i really like the card designs tho!! very neat:)


very interesting!!! i love it!!! also oot but fuurai angst hurts me so bad</3

★conclusion ig?

in conclusion, the franchise is slowly sucking me in.//oi.
the overall game is fantastic! i do hope all the bugs get fixed soon tho (cuz seriously, my phone restarts almost every time after playing it) :(
im also looking forward to play all the songs (including covers) when everything got added!! AND special thx to shu for coming home, ily babe<3
СосокМамонта ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside



упд: Кусуноки Даймон, если ты мне не выпадешь и не заваришь латте,то я буду плакать
N/A ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


Yeah I'm saving up space for you
QueenKokoro ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


en mi opinión me gusto mucho este juego lo venia esperando desde que lo anunciaron hace ya casi 3 años y a diferencia de otras personas a mi no me decepcionó, los juegos nuevos siempre vienen con bugs y errores sobretodo si es un juego con modelo 3D y eso se soluciona no hay porque perder la cabeza, lo digo desde mi experiencia jugando juegos desde que los estrenan, por ejemplo en el Hypnosis mic en un principio carecia de varias funciones, el recolectar puntos para los eventos era muy dificil pero eso lo solucionaron a medida que actulizaban el juego y las cartas de los banners no eran permanentes, pero eso no quiere decir que se han ido para siempre, regresarán dentro de un tiempo por lo que no entiendo porque la gente se vuelve loca por ello y conseguir gemas para las gachas no es una tarea dificil, cada banda tiene misiones, al igual que participar en los eventos, desbloquear historia y completar misiones del juego, probablemente pongan aun mas cosas más adelante.
el arte y la musica son excelentes en este juego por eso espero que no desistan a jugarlo denle tiempo ira mejorando cada vez mas
sckuranana ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


note: ini review sebelum update 1.0.1 * proses edit *

Update kali ini bagus kok yah, memperbaiki note yg kecil.Untuk fitur baru yg lainnya sih blm bisa kutangkep, klo misalkan ad penambahan fitur bisa tambahin di komen yah

* edit * note-nya terlalu kecil? setelah update bisa diatur dipengaturan sampai 200% jadi gaada yg namanya kekecilan lagi wwwww xD

1) mv buat yg 2d terlalu polos dan agak membosankan, jujur sebenernya mv yg 3d itu "waw" tapi entah kenapa pas ganti ke 2d agak² membosankan cuma ada 2 opsi sebenernya berharap mirip² girls band party gitu wkwk tapi yg pasti ad ciri khas aaside atau seenggaknya ver 2d sama² dioptimalkan biar g terlalu membosankan

2) untuk border card ☆4 kesannya agak biasa gmn gitu *tapi yah ini menurutku g bgitu berpengaruh, cuma kesannya agak biasa² aja utk sebuah card ☆4 kurang berkilau

good job dev!, berharap di update² mendatang bkl diperbaiki beberapa. Itu aja sih ya, kita beda² pandangan soal isi gamenya gpp kok hargai aj masing² punya pandangan yg beda² ᕦ(ò▽óˇ)
ReikaHoshikawa ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


Kalau ada yang bilang gamenya banyak kekurangannya, kayaknya itu ada beberapa alasan.

Kemungkinan pertama bisa jadi kurang dapet support. Kan kita tahu sendiri game kayak bandori, d4dj, sama prosekai penggemarnya lebih banyak dan jangkauannya luas dibanding aaside. Otomatis game2 nya lebih didukung dibanding aaside walaupun aaside lebih lama ditunggu oleh penggemar setianya.

Kemungkinan kedua, kurang budget. Kalau ini mungkin udah banyak yang tahu kenapa kurang budget :'(

Kemungkinan ketiga, developernya kurang siap ngerilis gamenya. Mungkin karena didesak penggemar aaside makanya mereka memutuskan untuk merilis game ini walau masih banyak kekurangan di dalamnya.

Itu adalah contoh kemungkinan dari pov ku. Bisa jadi seperti itu, atau memang dari awal sudah direncanakan fitur gamenya seperti yang sekarang.

Semoga saja mereka mengupgrade gamenya lebih baik lagi seperti game bushiroad sebelumnya.
Chel.Ni ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


I actually played the game now and uh, here's my actual review (lol)

Idk about the other reviews about half assed UIs but uh, Its not really half assed? ARGONAVIS' color palette is literally white and blue so I can see why they would use white and blue as a main palette for the game. just because it's white doesnt mean its basic. Atleast it isnt that god awful shade from D4DJ (It honestly makes my eyes hurt) of course it could still in improve since the game isnt even out for a damn week.

Graphics could need some improvements specifically the mouth and more diverse hand (?) movements—that could easily be fixed dw.

Gameplay is nice, uh, for the note adjustment I cant really say anything but All I know that theyre gonna add a note adjustment so calm your tits lmao theyre listening. It is nice that they added a low res 3d mode for players who still wanna play 3d but cant 2d live can use some...fixing but hey, Enstars is basically the same but I cant see you all complaing smh.

Storyline is GREAT, Perfect mix of angst and fluff, especially the angst in this game is jusy agh chef's kiss.

Navistone expiring is...shitty I know but we have a spark system so eh, plus Theyre really REALLY generous on the stones or am I just grinding too much? They literally gave us 200 last stream because masa completed a challenge lmao. but still the system is shitty I hope they remove it.


Gacha art is beautiful and you guys could fight me for that. (Except for the one and 2 star cards im sorry but the initial 1 and 2 star is...just no...they shouldve just used the splash art ngl. )

So far the game is Average but not super average and the game has potential. Bugs and glitches are there but the hell, the game just release, Project sekai bugged a lot on my device but Im not complaining since its somewhat new.

all i wanna say is calm down lmao. And if you have problems jusy contact DeNa. And stan Gyroaxia.
seeya angel ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


вы че там блять охуели со своими 2-3 гб? мальчики некоторые конечно хуйня полная, но не исключено, что некоторые мне понравились с первого взгляда.
НО 2-3 ГБ ЗА ЧТО? КУДА БЛЯТЬ ОНИ ДЕНУТСЯ? вот за это я удаляю нахуй эту игру, называйте меня кем хотите и как хотите, но эти гб по-моему тратятся впустую. ладно 1 гб, я бы приняла, но за такое блять.... потом поиграю.
да блять я знаю что у меня памяти в телефоне как у старой бабушки которая собирает всякие штуки засирая при этом свой дом но блять...... у меня нет слов одни буквы.

апдейт: изменяю свой отзыв.
мальчики красивые (ирисы лучшие кто не согласен а ну быстро согласились)
но проблема теперь не в этом
аргонавис просто напросто жрет память, даже когда ты в него просто не играешь. это очень бесит, я готова даже второй телефон купить для того чтобы там играть в аргонавис.
дальше проблема с геймплеем
элементарно: нет затемнения фона, чтобы лучше было видеть эти белые ноты
флики при слайдах это что-то с чем-то, я до сих пор не привыкла, в бэнг дриме все получше, чем я думала. ты проводишь как обычно – не засчитывается, проводишь через весь блин экран – засчитывается, это не геймплей, это жопа, от которой хочется заплакать.
насчет гачи ничего не буду говорить, выпало 2 хару и все.
Kyuushi ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


Girly boys
Uncle boys
Demon boys
Sunshine boys
I can confirm, we stan.
памяч ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


всем удачи в гаче на любимых малчиков, желаю не подавиться стеклом на сториках!!! 😇
QUser51074714 ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


I've been playing this game for a good 15 minutes. (Only 15 because my eyes started to hurt.) So i have a general idea of what's happening. I've played a handful of gacha rhythm games so by far this has to be at the bottom.

The UI is just lazy. Gacha result screen and profile screen are just plain white background. No effort and to me it's too bright. It's like the same effect you get from using Discord light mode.

Gameplay. The notes are god awful tiny. This is the reason why my eyes started to hurt because i have to stare really hard to even see the notes. You have the option to use 3d MV or something else but because my phone can't really handle 3d MVs I just went with using card art. I recommend using dark cards as a backdrop to see the notes a bit better.

Music is really good. I enjoyed a few of them like Manifesto, Cynicaltic Fakestar and Kyouran Hey Kids.

Storyline idk, I haven't seen the Anime yet and i can't read Japanese so you guys can be the judge of that.

Other stuff I want to put out is that I don't like how there's an expiration date on the Navistones (free Gacha currency). My only 2 guesses why they did this are that they want to pressure players on doing pulls before they expire and spend more money or they want to prevent reroll accounts (those accounts with a lot of gacha currency with only the tutorial played. they get it from logins or random campaigns) being sold on ebay or something. Hope they change that soon. Also I think you need a dupe to train/evolve/idolize a card. I haven't done that yet though, only played the songs.

Anyways that's my take, there's definitely a lot of space for improvement so I hope they fix things up before the first event.
Lithesa ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


I felt the game is unfinished or half-assed so kinda disappointed tho.

The artstyle is not too click on me (despite looks good) and surprisingly UI actually decent.
But the main problem that using 3D in conversation talk is kinda off (mainly shu's neck and hair is a bit too big?) and I hope they use Live2D instead (i have not problem in 3Dlive so it's okay i guess).
I hate that they use generic cover art for almost all original song. But also why using logo and card art for 2D while there is no options for chibi.

The best songs goes to gyroxia. Believe me.
Otherwise is not bad i guess.

The daily life part is great (although gatekeep you from finishing live if you don't have strong cards in each team) but the rhythm part is main problem that it lack costumization and annoying swipe notes in middle of slide notes which always break the combo. Also there is no multi live which i guess will be added in future. Beatmaps also felt okay although few of the them are off-sync.

So far I like the character interaction the most. The main story also decent (though I still don't like angst factor in the main story).

Oh my god. 2.5% rates is okay because it'll balance the best spark in the game (as only saving grace). But the biggest insult is that the navistones has expiration date and it has dupe system for some reason which makes you rolls at least 20 pulls to card plus idolization each card (if you lucky).
I also hate this game eats 4.0 gbs for only 3Dlive sake

I hope DeNa updated these problems in the future so not to disappoint fans any further. Thank you.
Sera_rin ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


รอมาตั้งแต่ประกาศโปรเจคต์นี้แรกๆแล้วค่ะ ตอนนั้นยังมีแค่เงาอยู่เลย ดีใจมาก ในที่สุดก็จะได้เล่นสักที ถ้าอาโออิ เร็นคุง นายูตะ ฮารุกะออกง่ายๆจะดีใจมากเลยค่ะ ขอให้ทุกคนสุ่มได้เมนนะคะ[開心]
kiihrinn ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


Emi ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside


O server nem abriu ainda, mas sei que o JOGO É MARAVILHOSO!!!! (Sim, só tô comentando isso pra ver se atraio sorte nos gachas 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜)


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