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Aldorage Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


gonna tell my kids this is honkai impact
Kunalan Manickam Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


I seriously love this kind of action anime games but what's tthe real downfall is the login system way it's sucks honestlycan't it be more simple login system rather than giving hard time for players..i just hope the devs and the admin for qooapp would take in considerations to fix this matters im sure there are many players like me out there who wanted to play games like these but cause of this login system feels like shit...hope the admin would look into this matters and make better login ways.
Xvan Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


Oke pensi main HI3 [開心]
harumyuki Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


tbh this is my opinion honkai impact 3rd white knights plesse don't come at me i like hi3 but it does feel lackluster compared to this

but ehem, where do i even begin with this game? it's fluffing amazing, and I honestly think it's better than honkai! well then, lemme get into my own opinions on the game:

1. login: to those who are having trouble logging in due to it only allowing weibo and qq users, it's actually pretty simple. on the app, when you get to the login screen, just go to the third tab on the right near the question sign, enter the password you use, and after that since you need to turn in your real name and id number, just go on http://www.myfakeinfo.com/nationalidno/get-china-citizenidandname.php and choose a name and id number and put those in, but after you do that you have to set up your profile, you are gonna have to put in a chinese name, meaning you are gonna have to translate the name you want to have into chinese, or else it won't let you into the game, after you enter a chinese name, it will let you into the game and you can play.

2. size and how much storage it takes: this is the part where i hate honkai. MiHoYo decided to make it so that you have to download the hd assets, which not only takes up a ton of space, but it also takes a while to download. this game has an initial download about the size of the Bandori initial download (if you choose the mini download that only installs all the important assets.). meaning it's about 1-2gb of storage, which is great because it's not gonna be a space hog unlike honkai.

3. graphics: i love the graphics! it's like I'm looking at a beautiful peice of polished Quartz! it just looks so pretty to look at, especially if a character is casting their ultimate attack!

4. sound: i love the bgm in the game! it sounds intriguing and just relaxing to listen to! it fits the scenes and I'd love to download the games soundtrack (if it does have one.)

5. story: so, i can't really judge the story since 1. im the 'skip every story scene' type of person and 2. i can't understand simplified Chinese.

6. battle system: this is one of my favourite parts about the game. instead of it being you running to the enemy and spam attack (looking at ya hi3) dodge some attacks, rinse and repeat, when you get hit critically, you stop attacking, and your character usually falls on the ground for a few seconds before getting back up. also, you can literally stop time by dodging a mobs attacks, meaning you have a window of opportunity to preform an attack on the monster without risking getting hit.

7. gacha and characters: even if i just began the game ii lready have 1 A and one S rank character. i don't really know but i think you can get another S rank character through the login bonuses or just gacha for the login bonus character. i also like how there aren't just 10 forms of one character, but only 1-2 other forms of the character. in your first ten draw you can get an A rank character, i just so happened to get the A rank version of the character you start off as (she also looks like Hatsune miku so that's another bonus) but the gacha rates are pretty fair, and you can exchange the gold tickets you get for gacha tickets!

8. value: if your not playing hi3 but want to play a game like it, i recommend you try this! you get a ton of free stuff (including an S character ticket) and it's enjoyable to play! i hope this game comes out globally, because i can see it going up against hi3! like i said, i honestly think this is better than hi3 in every way! but i still do like hi3, but hi3 really is lacking compared to this. well then, i hope whoever's reading this enjoyed my review on the game, and i hope you have a good day!
Battle Sister Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


- หากอยากรู้ลายละเอียดพร้อมรูปภาพประกอบเพิ่มเติมที่เยอะกว่านี้ ให้คลิกไปที่สถานะ แล้วคลิกต่อด้วยสมุดบันทึก เพราะผมได้ทำอธิบายไว้ให้แล้ว ลองเลื่อนดูเอานะครับ [哇噻][賣萌][賣萌]

สวัสดีครับผมได้ทำการเขียนโพสต์นี้ไหวช่วยคนที่เข้าเล่นยังไม่ได้หรือเข้าแล้วก็หลุด นะครับ
ในตอนแรกได้ทำการโหลดเกมจากโปรแกรม QooApp และต่อมานั้นก็ตามนี้เลยครับ
1.หลังจากโหลดทุกอย่างเสร็จแล้ว ให้ทำการคลิกไปเลื่อยๆ
2.ทำการเลือกตัวอักษรภาษาจีน ทางฝั่งขวาบน เพื่อทำการสมัครไอดี
3.เมื่อมีไอดีแล้ว ต่อไปมันจะให้เราทำการ ผูกรหัสกับไอดี
** ซึ่งขั้นตอนนี้หลายคนอาจจะข้ามตรงส่วนนี้ไป ทำให้ไม่สามารถเล่นเกมได้นาน เล่นแล้วก็ต้องกลับมาทำการผูกรหัสใหม่ ** [發火][發火]
- ที่ต้องใส่ตัวอักษรภาษาจีน ( ต้องใส่ตัวอักษร 2-15 คำ ): เช่น 龙霖鑫
- ที่ต้องใส่รหัส : เช่น M0141561300

สุดท้ายนี้ขอขอบคุณที่อ่านครับ ขอให้สนุกกันนะครับ [微笑][開心][開心]
GATO BOLADO Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


1- Quando será lançado no ocidente?

2- Por quê não tem tradução pelo menos para inglês?

3- Por quê o jogo e online sendo que não posso jogar multiplayer?

4- Tem que ser asiático para ser respeitado por aqui?

5- Obrigado por ler minha resenha. ( ° - ° )
Zero god Nguyễn Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


if you use to play honkai impact 3 you may be love the game
Agung pambuka putra Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


ini cara saya login dan berhasil
Di bar atas saat akan login,
1. klik huruf china ke-3
2. masukan nama tapi dirubah dulu dengan google translate ke huruf china (cukup nama depan)
3. di bawahnya ada bar, klik lalu pilih paling atas
4. yang terakhir masukan nomor KTP
5. jika sudah, lihat bar paling bawah dan klik tulisan warna oranye
6. selamat anda sudah terdaftar dan selamat bermain[開心]
I am Boss Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


เคยเล่นbetaมาแล้วครับ​ สนุกจริงภาพสวยการเคลื่อนที่มูฟเม้นสมจริงมาก​ การเล่นก็แปลกใหม่ดี​ ติดอย่างเดียวแม้งอ่านไม่ออก5555555
1881eagle Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


how to play********

after downloading, and when you get to the menu, a smiling orange face will appear.

choose the third option (tab)

then itll ask you for a 6 letter or digit password. then there you go, you're in.


its actually like playing on a console. really fluid and dont have a problem really. its in Japanese audio so that's always good.

you wont be able to draw unless you clear 1-12.
Sou-kun Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


El juego está muy bien.

El apartado gráfico es excelente, y pese a eso las animaciones son fluidas y detalladas. El juego corre a 60FPS con algunas caídas cuando hay demasiados efectos en la pantalla.

El sonido. Tiene voces en Japonés, Chino, Mandarín y Cantonés. Solo he probado las voces en Japonés y debo decir que son muy decentes. Por otra parte los BGM pueden llegar a volverse monótonos, así que no influye mucho a la hora de enfrentarse a algún jefe o algo en particular, a la final no te das cuenta de si tienes la música puesta o no.

El gameplay es probablemente el punto más fuerte junto a la parte visual. Los combates son emocionantes, con controles sencillos e intuitivos, los movimientos de los personajes son suaves y dinámicos, ofreciendo una gran cantidad de combos entre personajes, dándote una sensación de ser intocable mientras aniquilas todo a tu paso.

Los escenarios debo decir que en contraste con la jugabilidad es su punto más débil. Los mapas son repetitivos, los enemigos no varían demasiado, y diría que lo único rescatable podría ser la historia, pero como no leo chino, no puedo dar o quitar puntos por ello, sin embargo el dibujado de los personajes en la historia es bastante bueno y puedes más o menos intuir qué está pasando.

Tiene un sistema de gacha para conseguir personajes, y aunque los rates no son de lo mejor, el juego de momento es muy generoso.

Para finalizar debo decir que el juego en sí es muy intuitivo y te guía a lo que debes hacer, por ende si tienes algo de experiencia jugando juegos de móvil entonces no será demasiado difícil la barrera del lenguaje.

Sin más que decir; denle una oportunidad al juego y vean si les gusta.

¡Un saludo!
Ozon K Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


Đây là bản quick register (đăng ký nhanh) , khi vào game tải hết dữ liệu (5gb + 2gb mấy , nên để trống 8gb) , sau đó nó sẽ hiện bản login , chọn tab thứ 3 rồi nhập mật khẩu (tài khoản sẽ là số id do nó tự tạo random , có thể check ở cái nút nổi ở màn hình) , nếu nó bắt nhập cmnd + tên thì ra google tìm (hãy lưu lại thông tin cmnd đó) tên thì nếu chỗ tạo không để tên thì ra google dịch
❌ Hạn chế chơi từ 21h > 7h sáng mai để không bị sờ gáy (chắc vậy)[鬼臉]
Тапок Корейца Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


Прекрасная игра, которая действительно напоминает Ниер или же мобильную Хонкай Импакт, только в более мрачном варианте
Из плюсов:
- достаточно интересная боевка с системой орбов и их комбинаций для активации ядер
- фармабельные 6* чипы для персонажей, которые обеспечат вам какую никакую, но силу
- великолепные саундтреки , которые создают атмосферу
- сюжет, да, может он и немного банален, но он все же есть и весьма интересен
- наличие как женских, так и мужских персонажей (чем тот же хонкай похвастаться не может)

Конечно, в эту бочку с медом надо добавить пару ложек дёгтя
- главный минус - регистрация. Перед заходом в игру вас ждет долгая регистрация и поиск необходимых данных.
- "заход на 10 минут". Проще говоря, с ростом вашего уровня появляется потребность в фарме структур (персонажей) , чипов для них, а также гаек для прокачки, которые улетают только в путь. За день вам дают 300 халявной стамины, которая уходит за пару щелчков пальцев, ибо с непрокаченными структурами любой босс отправит вас гулять далеко-далеко, а с одним персонажем не выжить (даже если он и сильный)
- ну и китайский язык, куда уж без него
- пинг в коопе....скорее всего, вам придется страдать от этого дикого пинга (все ради 5* оружки)

Ну а гача.. А что гача, она есть везде. Здесь есть свои рейт-апы, гарант в 100% за x10 открытие (да, тут есть такое, но оно может и не сработать сразу) . Весь дроп - ваша удача.

В целом же, игра абсолютно точно заслуживает внимания. Думаю, в скором времени выйдет и глобальная версия , тогда люди её по-настоящему оценят и не будут пугаться страшных китайских иероглифов.
M M Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


Gray Raven... Many say, it's a Honkai impact 3rd rip-off, but it's just way better. It's hard to log into the game as a German, and you probably understand nothing, but that's not that important. It would be better to just understand it, but you can't have everything, right?

anyway: This game is redicilously Epic. If you haven't played it by now, please consider giving it a shot. You won't be disappointed. Once you were able to create yourself an 9Games account, of course.

Ps: a great way to head in here, is


this generator allows you to get into this version. Just be sure, to use a name with 3 Chinese letters, otherwise you won't be able to enter the game proberly and the game will terminate itself after an hour playtime.

have a great day^^
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


Punishing: Gray Raven เกมอนิเมะในธีมของโลกอนาคต โดยเกมนี้น่าจะโดนใจเกมเมอร์หลายคนแน่นอน ด้วยกราฟฟิกงามๆ เนื้อเรื่องสุดเข้มข้น และการต่อสู้สุดมันส์ เรียกว่าใครสายบู๊ สายเมะ
Meow1e Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


First of all, this is a game developed by Chinese developer with a game model that is inclined to action RPG style. The graphics are superb, gacha rate is standard and the voice acting is suprisingly well done. You can login into the game using a guest account quite easily so there's no complain about that. For the gameplay, its slightly similar to Honkai Impact 3rd dodge and slash gameplay, but the skill system is quite new, I would not consider it bad, but it feels random for the skills to trigger. Overall I give it 8/10 since there are few decent games out there right now and this might just be one of them! [開心]
Muhamad Andi Alfiansyah Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


Make this game to Global please
ClashOf Clans Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


tolong kurangi gacha ampas nya karena sudah banyak gua keluarin energi dan sedikit top up malah dapat gacha ampas
Rin_ Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


bakal lama ini untuk EN server nya.. karna server traditional aja masih coming soon.. blom nnti server korea dlu baru japan baru EN.. paling EN keluar akhir tahun paling cpt atau tahun dpn[為什麼]
naome Youzuke Punishing: Gray Raven | Simplified Chinese


particularmente o jogo é maravilhoso, áudio , jogo habilidade, o honkai impact 3 teria muitas baixas

e respondo os jogadores a baixo:

o jogo tem um multiplayer, porém é depois de um certo nível, além de ser muito lagado

o jogo deveria realmente sair para Global, ele faz sucesso dentro da china magine as pessoas de fora.

a cchina é muito fechada com os produtos dela, muitas coisas boas não vem para o global e se vem é por quê ja foi tarde de mais e eles prescisavam erguer o sucesso de novo.

só espero que isso não aconteça com Punishing Gray Raven.


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