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藤綾 Dot Romance

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Player Name: 隱藏?立繪ww

Introduction: 我快笑死了w還沒刷出全員的最後一個立繪!! ps 都刷出來了

清水白音 Dot Romance

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Player Name: 神崎大河

Introduction: 大河太戳我xp了!超喜欢眼镜小哥! 没想到小野(老师)和大河(补习班)线路是必须攻略完四个主要角色后才能攻略的。。。 我一开始先攻略了翔子和狸猫后就觉得能提前攻略额外角色的老师或者大河……然而发现我错了 还纳闷了半天跟着攻略走怎么打也在借物比赛死活没有老师选项…… 太郁闷了

林宇 Dot Romance

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Player Name: 梵尘萌萌哒

Introduction: 想要老师和黑发还有狸猫的制服!!!求科普!二阶堂是忘记截图了

. 語 Dot Romance

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Player Name: 我家狸貓可愛

Introduction: 不(๑•﹏•) 不知道為什麼狸貓的最後劇情按不到叉叉 我想截沒有對話框的制服狸貓RRR 制服好美(。・ω・。)ノ♡

时间倒退的钟 Dot Romance

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Player Name: 狸猫是我心中所爱

Introduction: 表白我过分好看的狸猫!!!!!!!! 还有p3是我试了一下大佬们说的被讨厌线,试这条线我心好痛。。。。。而且出来的也丑所以……希望大家还是好好打剧情吧!!!!毕竟谁不想看帅哥呢!!


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Sakura Yoshioka
Rough Estimation of Dias Hello everyone! Since I'm an F2P and in desperate need of dias for the upcoming SOUL Unit 6th Anniversay cards, I made a computation of the dias we can have through idol birthdays and events! I just want to share this to everyone who also want to plan their dia savings [開心][開心] I hope this can help you hehehe ~~~~~~~~~ ♡ ~~~~~~~~~ Birthdays: 40 dias > log-in bonus = 35 dias > bday mission = 5 dias Weekly Log in Bonus: 15 dias (3rd day and 7th day) Tour event: 170 dias > reach at least 1, 200, 000 (1.2 million) = 80 dias > Day 1-30 = 90 dias (3 dias/day if finished with 3 stars) Song events: 80 dias > reach at least 1, 200, 000 (1.2 million) New songs: 55 dias > score B = 2 dias/difficulty > score S+ = 3 dias/difficulty > combo B = 2 dias/difficulty > combo S+ = 3 dias/difficulty > clear C = 5 dias > clear B = 5 dias > clear S+ = 5 dias ~~~~~~~~~ ♡ ~~~~~~~~~ Notes: > Estimated to have at least 2 events per month > 8 days of event and 7 days of non-event > pattern of tour and song events is not yet known (at least for me [難過]) Not included > special events (like Majestic Magic) > new readable stories > nth day log in (like 100 days log in) And there you have it! This just shows how hard it is to earn dias [大哭][大哭] I'll attach a list of birthdays that I made from the idol profiles~ [微笑] I hope this helps on your savings fellow producers! If you guys found any mistakes on my notes, please feel free to reply! If you have questions, you can ask me as well! [開心][開心]
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