勝利女神:妮姬 | 國際版

勝利女神:妮姬 | 國際版

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE | Global

Mác Lê


There are two very dangerous things to kill a game. It is false dvertising and greed.
Because this game has nothing special to talk about other than butts shaking but it is censored so you can only see, coat and hair cover all butts, no butts for you to see as them said on twitter "no censorship" it's a cheap lie to attract players, and what they achieve is the player's trust at the bottom of the well. Along with a bunch of bugs that will follow you day and night, causing even the most patient to give up. I have to say the difficulty in this game is the most ridiculous and stupid thing the development team does well. On the same map, two enemies stand next to each other, but one is destroyed in 20 seconds and the other is 3 days later I still can't win, even though my team level is 80. And that's the difficulty for Chapter 7, these are the beginning chapters, it should have a relative difficulty for players to get used to the game, and on Hard difficulty, they should change the name to "ridiculous" or "quit game". So far I still haven't finished Hard chapter 1 with level 80 squad. Is the game development team making a joke or do they not want anyone to play their game anymore? Or do they think players will spend money to get through the ridiculous difficulty wall they put up. So I'm going to tell those who have the idea to play for free to forget about this game, because I'm stuck on chapter 7 and can't see the way out.

Greed is as bottomless as Doraemon's pocket. In addition to creating difficulty, Tom Cruise had to say " is this game impossible ?" to force players to recharge to upgrade. Then gacha is a combination of deception and greed. Banner Helm (new character) has a drop rate of 2%, which means 100 times gacha will give me 2 Helms right? i gacha 120 times and no Helm. Should I give up on Helm or this game? And the price for each 10 gacha is 3k Gems, 6200k games cost 100 usd, that means each 10 gacha cost 50 usd, Final fantasy 7 remake costs 60 usd, are you kidding me dev team . 10 gacha costs the price of an AAA game. In the end, it takes 200 gachas for you to exchange for Helm if you are unlucky. You know, Azurlane also has to gacha 200 times to get the Ultra Rare, UR is something extremely special, not an SSR, which is okay to have, or it doesn't matter without it. The items in the shop are extremely expensive but the benefit you get from it is very little. Most other games sell Mission pass for 10-15 usd, but this game is 25 usd. And to level up in the mission pass, you must complete a series of Tom Cruise's missions. And after 9 days of phenomenal effort with this game (something a mobile game shouldn't force players to do) I've reached level 7/15, and I'm stuck at a lucky 7, this means if i spend 25 usd on mission pass i can only get half of the reward,and the last reward (one SSR ) is unreachable so why should i spend 25usd on something i can not be achieved.. Finally, Gem, it is divided into 2 types, Charge and Free, really dev? it's 2022 now, no developers do that anymore, do you know why? because players hate it. There are so many good things on this earth, you pick the thing people hate the most and bring it into your game, well done dev, well done.
In short, do good gameplay, no bugs, the game is easier to play so players can breathe, then they can stay with your game or recommend it to their friends. for more new players. Then think about the player's pickpocketing, but they don't scream "greedy - liar" and vote 2 stars for your game. Finally, the free player, delete the game and play another game, here is no butt for you, but there is a very high cash wall. [no]

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ba xi


捏马勒戈壁,上来就把嗨丝大莱给我写死了,我测你码!😭😭😭😭👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻刷初始十分麻烦,感觉几乎没得选只能认命,抽啥用啥。再详细玩玩回来再说,但让我我先缓缓,我的嗨丝大莱啊😭😭😭😭 游戏奖励有点抠,倒也能玩,慢慢凑就是了👋🏻 抽了个中二机枪手,300发弹匣好猛😎 60抽(加上新手教程和通关送的十连)一共出了2个ssr,太哈人了😨😨😨😨 那个逼列车怎么恁难打啊😩😩😩😩回回感觉差一点,完事仔细一看捏妈妈的固定Lv80,我很自觉的戴上了痛苦面具,40打80优势在我是吧,难蚌😩 卸了!我玩你🐴!凑半天碎片给个你🐴SR,狗比游戏丨出我的手机!😭😭😭😭👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 半周年活动真不错啊,剧情不错,歌也好听,桃乐丝我的桃乐丝😭😭😭沙比人类不救也罢,听我的桃乐丝,跟我一起反了他狗日的方舟,跟他爆了!我即刻🥜👿,彻底疯狂!👿👿👿👿👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻多给两分为了我可爱坚强又腹黑的桃乐丝😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 嗨丝大莱没死变神罚了,但我没有,所以还是寄。等我有了她就复活了🤗🤗🤗🤗


祝妮姬一周年快乐[大哭][大哭][大哭] 这次活动的小游戏好好玩,我愿称nikke为小游戏启动器( 以前的我会让身边的人远离nikke,现在的我只会让你火速入坑nikke(doge)(也许pc版的体验更好呢? 如果找不到好游戏玩,那么nikke也不失为一个好的选择(一周年限定版) 100发没有小红帽 ,噢!老天,那一定是我的问题😭 ——————————————————————— 急急急,我是急急国王 游戏公测主题曲tungsten出来啦,泽野太对味啦,我tm更急了,一拳tm把自己打晕到4号,md,彻底疯狂[發火] 11月3号我是一刻也不想待下去了[發火] 屁股枪我来啦,芜湖! 嘿嘿嘿,我的白雪[哇噻][哇噻](祝各位天胡开局啦) 目前体验一般(开服卡到炸,福利也不咋地) 剧情方面的话有86那味了[開心] ———————————————————————— 单走一个6(快跑) 玩游戏不玩nikke,就像沙盒不玩迷你世界,读大学不读家里蹲大学,打篮球不看菜虚鲲,生活区不看lex,学跳舞不看党妹,读书不读唐家三少,看新闻不看观察者网,moba不玩王者农药,哔哩哔哩不关注陈睿,说明这个人文学造诣和自我修养不足,如果你早上吃饭香甜,那一定有米桑的艰苦付出。 如果你晚上大便不通,那必定是腾讯在从中作梗。他理解不了这种内在的阳春白雪的高雅艺术,他只能看到外表的辞藻堆砌,参不透其中深奥的精神内核,他整个人的层次就卡在这里了,只能度过一个相对失败的人生 玛丽安速速来 ———————————————————————— 阳痿了,退坑了,不如打瓦罗兰特 ———————————————————————— 噢,我的老天爷,我回归了,继续守护我的屁股,主线完全不打,有活动打活动,没活动就把日常周常任务做完,主打的就是摸鱼[色色](出金一直给我爱丽丝,都快max了[為什麼]) 现在来看还是不错的,还望能继续好好运营,做得更好捏[開心]

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