CODE:SEED星火之歌 | 國際版

CODE:SEED星火之歌 | 國際版

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

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Hi, first of all, thank you for playing and supporting CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta. Due to the COVID -19 our studio was forced to shut down temporarily, and unable to work during that period, and because of the influence of COVID-19, the publisher in Japan decided to shut down the server. But currenty we are back to work. CODE:SEED - Seihi no Uta will keep going, until the last player offline, and the new contents are on the way, there will be new UI, new character, new animation, and everyting will be upgraded on the future version, click the link to watch the footage for the development demo



CODE: SEED Seihi no Uta Graphics: The character art designs are unique and outstanding, but I personally want it to have more male characters (it’s a world of equity). The 3D models in HD mode are fine considering it’s on a mobile device. The visual effects are good as well. Sound: Amazing background music, and great character voice acting. The combat sound effect is excellent and intuitive. Gameplay: Turn-based combat system in combination with match 3. Instead of going straight in and kill-them-all, the fights require strategies and decision-making. It may slow the pace down a little bit but greatly increases the quality of each fight, which is something I like. As for the character collection, I reckon it’s going to be time consuming to gather a 5-star team but 4-star characters are good enough to progress the main storyline. One thing I also like is how they manage the lobby (aka your main base) to a sim city like place. You can arrange the items and the buildings as you want, that kind of added an element to the gameplay. It’s not an uncommon feature in mobile games, but the building functions in there are actually impactful compared to the others. Storyline: The story itself is persuasive and makes sense, and the way it presents the story reminds me of classic Japanese single player PC games back in the 90s. Having a dialog scene with the NPCs around you and running along with the script in descriptive words make the storytelling very immersive. Although there are some typos or grammatical errors, I consider it’s good in general and you wouldn’t really notice them if you are a speed reader. Plot playback feature is impressive and interesting. Overall/TLDR: It’s a well-rounded good game and has a great potential from my perspective. Even though I haven’t invested too much time in this game yet, I think I’ll keep playing it for some time at least until I finish the whole story.

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