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Time Defenders




So basically this is a story of a buffed man, a child and a robot whose mission is to....what? Wrong series? Isn't this Time Sq-oh, Time Defenders. And they uuh defend time? How? ...They have Paw Patrols? Oh Time Patrols...Huh... we'll uh get back to the story later.

Anyways and as always let's just jump to the pros and cons I've gathered so far from playing it.

- Amazing graphics and character designs. Essentially an upgraded version of Arknights
- Fully voiced story, with dialogue skip, looking at you Genshin, even Honkai thinks (jokes) you should add skip function
- Combat environment is amazing
- Story telling is mure fluid than King's Raid
- Combat is essentially like Arknights, strikers/assault has a unique command that let's them charge ahead at opponents (like Kingdom Rush's melee units)
- Combat also has a unique system, that is, the "defense gate" has life bar. So it won't immediately lose points when enemy passes, rather enemy must attack first,. chipping away the HP.

- The story... oh dear the story..... it's my personal opinion but, I'm just so so tired of this trope. MC is a genius, can fight but can't do a thing when enemy boss attacks, he didn't even try to...you know what, I'll let you see it for yourself. The Paw Patrols, I mean, Time Patrols are cool though (yes the cops, not the ones with powers). It's just, King's Raid story is much much better then this. This one, like Arknights, isn't really all that good. I know I'll be "attacked" by saying this, but I still think Arknights story isn't actually that good. If it's story you want, try the likes of Counterside, Honkai, Epic Seven, King's Raid, Blue Archive and Priconne. No I don't recommend Genshin for story...
- The story telling, while more fluid than King's Raid, is still stiff. It's not as smooth as Genshin nor Lord of Heroes or Exos Heroes.
- Response time is still a bit slow. Like Pokemon Masters EX, each button press takes around 0.5-1 second to process. Not in combat though. This particular points leads us to...

Extreme Cons:
- This would've been a fine game to have if not for this FATAL MISTAKE. The growth system design. Like Honkai, it locks your character levels behind your account level. Meaning you have to upgrade your characters everytime you level up. Not just characters, but also skill levels (also locked behind account level). Why is this Extreme Cons? Games like Priconne and Honkai still works with this system because you only need 3 (for Honkai) or 5 (priconned) characters to focus on. So it's not a big hassle. This game though, good luck upgrading 10 characters, or even more. Combined with the slow response time (not as snappy as E7), it's a major hassle.

Overall, it's a good side game, or main game if you want to invest more. Now, I know some people will say don't spend money due to Vespa's current situation, but honestly it's up to you. If you want to support them, go ahead and spend some money, the starter pack is a good investment.
That said, for myself....I don't think I'll play this for long. Even though I got Beatrice, the first chaos character in the game, the story is just not appealing enough. And I mainly play mobile games for the story. Also, just like Arknights, this is not for fans of TD games. Kingdom Rush and even Field Runners will entertain you more than this.
This game is for fans of anime art style game, and fans of live2ds. Because the character designs are amazing. When was the last time you see a football player in gacha? What, Madden? Noo, that's not gacha, that's a "surprise mechanic". So never right?? ...Oh right, Gate Six.....anyway, give it a try, you may or may not like it. Thanks a lot for reading~

I literally have no sense of attachment/interest to any of the characters....Non of them appeal to me like Iroha Tamaki, THE Administrator, Ras Eclare, Aldo, Flame Chasers, Shiroko and Urias....

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无论是立绘还是模型都比较拉跨,最重要的是不好玩,首先视角就很奇怪,打到第一章有一关是和坦克一起协防,玩家视角是从侧上方看,我都看不见角色的技能范围,其次这个路太宽了吧,我也没找到哪里写着角色能挡几个人,打着打着就漏了,地图做得相当乱,怪没出现之前完全预测不到路线,总得来说搞得花里胡哨的相当费眼睛。福利不错,开局10连必出ssr可以刷30次,上线奖励送3000多钻石可以抽三次十连,就是和一般的塔防比起来多了个装备系统和装备强化,目测氪金大项,角色有专属装备,玩过王逆的都懂吧,预测一波数值膨胀。目前抽到的角色都没有什么特殊的机制,看起来更像网游战法牧弓的组合,没有看到塔防的核心。 yysy一个塔防游戏搞装备强化这一套就已经显露了其割韭菜的本质,一个角色四个装备栏,一件装备又有很多词条,可以预见同一角色普通玩家和氪佬之间的将会有巨大的差距,抄作业的时候大佬的角色一人守一路,萌新空降送人头,一问配置就说你装备没搞齐,词条没刷满,这种角色上下限巨大的机制出现在塔防游戏里,让我不禁怀疑策划写策划案的时候是不是喝了假酒,装备系统可以说是直接把塔防游戏的游戏性杀死了,试问我的射手可以一枪一个小盆友的时候,战士和盾的存在又有多大意义呢? ----------- 同类型的游戏互相对比是无法避免的,但是上来就说拄拐碰瓷的真没必要,游戏界搞饭圈那套不可取,娱乐圈就已经足够臭了,没必要到处倒垃圾,个别的低智言论也会坏游戏的路人缘的。



你有玩過千年戰爭嗎? 如果有,就能夠體會魅力不夠時的空窗很痛苦 這款就是抱持者打發空窗的時間下載的 但自從我下載後,千年都沒上線了 一路推塔腦力激盪來到5-5 真香~ 畫面美觀,人設漂亮,極度需要動腦 總之 這真是一款好遊戲 值得推薦[不滿]

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