緋染天空 Heaven Burns Red

緋染天空 Heaven Burns Red

Heaven Burns Red

Nato Reyes


Just a heads up, there's an additional 1.8gb download after you finish Day 12 story or Chapter 2 Day 1.

--Worth trying?

Shortest answer: Sure, it's not bad unless you don't like the game mechanics.

Very long answer:
Since it's Key. It leans heavily towards Visual Novel. (it only has jp version)
If it's not for you but can get passed that, then it is for the art and music.
If you're waiting for global, then you might just try it now because I so far haven't seen any news about it getting a global one. I also kind of doubt it'll get one because of how much they have to translate if they did.

If you're a casual player, then I don't think so. Why? Because of 1 ally death = defeat. Which could be pretty punishing for some.

If you like pulling on banners a lot then, probably not. Getting currency on banner takes time like you need to progress story to get a good amount. Unless you're fine with pulling a lot by rerolling.

Which also means you're stuck with the units you'll get on the first single and 2 multis since finishing Day 7 Story is necessary for 3rd multi. So I suggest rerolling for a good team or for your waifu. Just make sure the roles and elements are not all the same.

Also worth noting that rarity A really only has 1 skill. S and SS rarity has additional skill/s but needs to be unlocked by farming mat and reaching a certain lvl on your unit. Which can also mean that Having A rarity of the unit will always be obsolette if you have an S version and it's obsolette if you have SS version. Go to my Gacha part if you want more info.

--F2p? Depends on your criteria. But mine is being able to finish content with starters which is the free SS of mc and bunch of A rarities. It's a no right now. A rarities just don't have the stats for later stages. Max lvl will also be an issue and those only have 1 skill. There is however an event. If ever a player can finish chapter 1 with starters and is able to do the event to get the S unit. Then there's a chance that it can be f2p in a distant future if more of those events show up.

--Combat? Depends.
Turned based
all units attack in succession per turn.
3 offensive units and 3 backup units. You can switch between those units.
I can sum it up to: Break enemies shield and eliminate them.

There's auto combat and auto farm on some kind of practice arena which you can earn gp, a currency to buy chips, it has fixed stats so that's great.

Auto seems to only be good in early game because ai use heal skill like there's no tomorrow. You can turn off the auto on heal but, I don't know if the ai will ever use it when it's really needed.
There's also somekind of tower dungeon.

Then somekind of saoub style gameplay after Day 7 story where it's a side scroller where you move the character to destination while it becomes pokemon like game in a cave where the enemy can ambush you anywhere. Which means, more combat. In this mode all SP/energy you used/saved and hp/shield left will be carry over till you finish the stage. Seems like the ultimate boss stage resets this.

Decent unit pool.
Like I said, the currency takes time to get. Like you need to finish this story day number to get this amount of currency. There is log in bonus but not sure if it's perma and even if it is, it's pretty low especially if you get stuck.

Some units also have higher rarities of themselves. These versions can't be used in 1 party (putting 2 SS, S and A rarity of mc as example). Also rarities of 1 unit all have the same element so far. The only difference is A only has 1 skill. S has 2 and SS has 3. But you need to unlock the 2nd and 3rd skill which you need to farm mats and have the specific lvl to unlock it. Not to mention their starting max lvl are different. A (45) S (60) SS (90).

An A Rarity can increase max lvl through quest event with character. it gives A rarity fragment. If you max the A rarity, I think the fragment will become universal to the specific unit, like for S or SS rarity of it.
Other way is by getting exact dupe of the unit on gacha.

With all that said, so far I think all rarities of the same unit takes its highest lvl and max lvl. Like if you received an S version and you were using the A version before like lvl 10 already, then if you switch to the S version, it'll still be lvl 10 and both S and A version will have max lvl of 60.

-Unit Roles to my knowledge:
-Breaker (Breaking enemy shield faster)
-Attacker, Blaster (Can't seem to tell the 2 apart since both are just use for offensive after the shield is down and I don't use Blaster much but it's been said that it's for longer battles.)
-Healer (They can heal ally shields, but not hp and cannot bring back shield since they just always miss allies without shields so far, cannot heal shields on backup. Skill can only be used 5x)
-Debuffer (Chance to stun, def down, seal enemy skill that's all so far)
-Buffer (Increase allies atk of offensive units through skill so far)
-Defender (Attracts enemies to attack them more)

-It's also essential to know that there's color/elemental weakness in here as well. The damage feels reduced or increased by half due to it. Breaking enemies shield feels also faster if your unit is strong to it rather than using Breaker that's weak to it. This also means that you might need to lvl up different units with different elemental strengths, but that's just me.

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3月2日第三章day14攻略中更新: 游戏是好游戏,但是策划🐴没了,完。 打个剧情都能为了卖卡池角色,特意设置出只有抽了当期卡池才能比较轻松过剧情的迷宫。 甚至为此还把上次刚出的31C新角色在剧情里全ban了,那你出尼玛的卡池呢?司马策划怎么不直接设置一个“没抽到当期UP角色不能进行本段主线剧情”的条件呢? 本来就是为了看剧情来,结果卡剧情就算了,还用最恶心的手段卡,我在新卡池歪了tm4个重复ssr,就是没出up。然后一队ssr被ban的打不过剧情,真有你的啊。 活动抠,除了能换少量钻石别的材料兑换性价比被镜像boss完爆。 记忆迷宫的强度数值也像是数值策划喝多了,40层往后的怪物强度多写了个0。 完全的劝退白嫖和小氪党,可能是开服冲上氪金榜前位让策划飘了吧,反正不改善福利和减弱怪物强度,无氪跟小氪玩家是连剧情都难以通关的。 但不能看剧情我玩你这游戏干嘛呢? 有幸体验过CBT的人来说几句。 本游戏包含要素:硬核百合(女主人公直言喜欢同性)、轻度虐心、漫长剧情,如果是无法接受或者不懂日文看不懂剧情,会失去大部分乐趣,请酌情游玩。 首先是作为卖点被大肆宣扬的key(麻枝准)操刀的剧情,虽然麻子最近的作品《成神之日》因为各种原因,表现不太理想。但这部作品由于是麻子擅长的文字类剧情表现,其个人特色浓重的有笑有泪的青春、音乐、伪科学世界观等都得到了体现,不必担心质量。 其次是游玩方式,游戏中玩家扮演女主角,“按照天数推进剧情”,每天被分成不同的时间段进行,玩家可以自由选择提升女主人公六维或者与伙伴共度(也就几乎是“简单化”的《女神异闻录5》),可以说是完全的剧情主导向,战斗更像是添头。 说到战斗,CBT的时候打磨的其实不是很好,角色恢复技能有使用次数限制,强调速战速决,但是敌人boss的强度却较高。加上低稀有度角色战力远小于高稀有度角色,意图很明显(笑)。但是利用特色系统可以开局用3个额外回合狂轰乱炸,先用sr大队凑合不是很难(预约还送ssr女主人公)。 从我刚才说的战斗就可以看到,这游戏的氪金如果要轻松过剧情的话可能是比较严重的,有天井但是CBT没写多少抽保底(不过日厂嘛……),只能说打不过就勤看攻略吧,实在不行再考虑抽高稀有角色。 总之,我个人经过CBT还是很满意这游戏的,希望感兴趣的各位也能体验一下。 (虽然剧情的确很长,但是真的很有趣,请尽量不要跳过)

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