RO仙境傳說:Origin | 英文版

RO仙境傳說:Origin | 英文版

Ragnarok Origin | English

Suriya khunta


เล่นง่าย เหมือน Origin แท้ๆ ไม่เปลืองเวลาชีวิตแน่นอน

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Barry Yuen


I want to experience this game before the Traditional Chinese server version comes out. The graphics are like a remaster of the original RO PC version. The game took many elements and features from ROM Eternal Love and ROX Next Generation, and the game difficulty is more friendly than ROX. RO: Origin is an integration of Gravity's experience in the RO franchise. I would come back playing the NA server if the operator company of the Trad. Chi. server is a piece of crap. Anyway, add me as friend if you like: Moeflyer (Male Assassin) YufaAlter (Female Monk) Zephyria (Female Wizard) GeraldAgWolf (Male Knight)

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