BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對 | 英文版

BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對 | 英文版

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! | English

Lily Macano


I have been playing this game for years and it's my all time fav of any game so I thought I should finally make a review of it somewhere.

The cards are always amazing quality! 3* and 4* are always beautiful and even 2* have cute outfits or poses. The gachas are probably the nicest and easiest of all the rhythm games I've played (despite not getting any df cards ^^") they are relatively cheap to pull 10-pull as well compared to other gacha games (2500 stars you can easily save up after a few events) . The df 6% rate up has been pretty hit or miss for me in the past so I would probably rate that gacha lower than the normal limited gachas. The card skills for most cards are also very useful for all strageties of playing the game. Most cards are permanent so theres no need to pull on every gacha, only save up for limited or dream fes cards (you can find out which ones are limited on or websites like that).

The music is very good, there are lots of popular songs and songs get released every new event, so even if you took a break from playing for a while you could farm all the new songs for reward stars. There are some songs that are JP only or not on EN server but that's just because of copyright and is the song owners choice, as much as there are songs I'd like to play on EN there's not really much we can do about it. This would be a downside for most people though.

The gameplay is really smooth and customizable, there is even a rehearsal live mode so you don't have to use live boosts. I'm glad they added that feature. EN recently announced that they would be shortening the event times because they are pretty long and we are a year behind JP and still very far behind the other servers, so from now on there is going to be even more to do in game quicker.

The stories are really good and honestly have gotten better over the years. The Morfonica introduction story was so good it actually made them one of my fav bands immediately after not knowing anything about them the year since they were added to JP. The event stories are also really fun and unlike some games the unlocked chapters are free to read even after the event has finished. Since we are on season two of stories you can get so many stars when you first play just by reading through all Popipa's stories on fast mode and this is so helpful when you're first playing the game and want to get as many good cards as possible. The characters are all very unique. Sometimes I find it difficult to tell people apart especially when there's 35 members, some people didn't like Morfonica because they looked like rip off members when they were first released, but with their band story they became their own characters and I think if they were properly advertised by official accounts instead of just randomly put in the game then players wouldn't have reacted badly to them when they had been waiting patiently all that time for RAS to get put in the game.

Value wise for buying stars the monthly pack is the best value. The biggest rule is not to spend money on gacha games, but if you wanted to, the monthly pack gives you more than just buying stars for the same amount of money. I have spent money on bandori and this honestly is the only game I would spend money on because the cards are so beautiful and the game is so fun to play.

Wow long review! This game has been a big part of my life for the last couple of years so it's inevitable I guess ^^" If anyone read this far happy playing and good luck on your pulls!

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具体的评论我已经在日服哪里评论过了想看的可以翻我主页 优点 -活动很少人在这里你可以完成你在日服很难打的排名,拿到自己想要的牌子 -两个服时间差具体差了一年如果有错过的活动/卡片可以在这里抽 缺点 -有些歌是日服专属国际服玩不到例如god know -因为有时间差所以想玩的歌你还要在等一年




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