Tales of Crestoria | 英文版

Tales of Crestoria | 英文版

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The story is enough to keep me from uninstalling the game. It's really really good. Not to mention they have skits as well as character interactions (like during the result screen and during combat), just like other Tales of games.

Graphics are good enough. Gameplay is simple, then again Tales of combat system is simple anyway (to me at least). Though that combo system kinda needs you to pull for characters that can actually perform multiple hits (Yuri is amazing at this).

Content wise, there's the awesome story mode, usual resource dungeon, raids and PVP (with multi-battle quality of life feature).

For in-game currencies, I suggest you save them for future banners (unless the characters you want ware already in the game, in my case not yet). The beginner missions are generous and gives you 2 SSR tickets among the rewards.

If you're a Tales of fan then this game is definitely for you. If not, then the bad parts will push you away from this game.

First, like others say this game has serious performance issue. Long multiple loading times (Digimon ReArise incarnate...), broken chat system (kinda weird because they say it's because the server is busy and the solution is to go to guild first, theb open chat from there and then go to chat settings to switch room. what I don't get is shouldn't the room switch automatically if it's busy?).
Second, no auto repeat, which makes farming harder. This is important because leveling up is hard here.
Third, tedious "equipment" system. You can equip up to 9 "memoria" to a team and each memoria can be levelled up and has R-SSR rarity. You can see that you'll need to pull on the gacha to get good memorias, other wise it'll be a waste to invest on R memorias. To top it all of that awful loading time also appears here during equipping memorias...

Honestly if they actually optimize this game, it's going to be a solid hit. But for now, it's basically Loading Screen simulator again... I'm still going to play it, the story is amazing (though Magia Record is still number one for me). Can't wait for Alisha and Marta to be added~

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[怪笑]挺不错的,就是玩的时候有点不流畅 ,希望可以加个战斗时换角色的机制,优化下帧数。 最后:"我 的 村 长 父 亲" ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧




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