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BLACK STAR: Theater Starless

BLACK STAR: Theater Starless

BLACK STAR: Theater Starless

Stan Yoshino


Story is very unique and fully voiced; MC is not the main focus of most of the stories unlike most idol games. In fact, other than to Kei and Heath, the MC has very little importance to the other characters (MC is related to something big in terms of the plot but we don't know what it is yet). I like the fact that the game focuses more on developing the characters rather than having it about everyone trying to get the MC to fall in love with them. There is A LOT of drama that goes on between the characters and there are a lot of mysteries involved that have yet to be known. For other idol games like IChu, Bpro, and Tsukipara, I couldn't be bothered to read the story but Blackstar is really dramatic (and its funny when the cast members have cat fights lmao). It starts out after the original owners of Theater Starless (among several other people) mysteriously disappear and then the theater gets robbed by some people who broke in. Like, WHAT??? What a while way to start. I can't help myself getting so excited over reading the next episode, it's honestly a first for me. Just as a warning, the story is very very shady and dark and in some instances lowkey depressing so it's not for people who like happier things like most idol games are like. For me, that's kind of why I like it so much because it's more realistic (minus the wacky situation and the fact that there may be some kind of crime group related to it...?). I like the fact that it's so tense and everyone is so anxious all the time because it makes me wonder what's going to happen next and there are A LOT of things that happen that is totally unexpected. But I'm aware it's not everyone's cup of tea, so if you like happy stories you might not like Blackstar's story.

The songs are alright. Very much on the rock side. If that's your thing you're gonna love the songs. Personally, I like the usual "idol songs" that are more upbeat so I really like Team P's songs, but the others are mostly rock which I don't prefer as much. They aren't bad at all, it's just I don't find at least 1/3 of the songs stick out to me :/. Of course the main song (theme song?) BLACKSTAR was really good. After Hatsukoi, it's my favorite. Something I find interesting is that the songs are not sung by the voice actors, but by professional singers (such as Ide Takuya, Fujita Rei, Kobayashi Taro) and Utaite (such as kradness, Stungun, Shakemi, ajikko). The only thing I wish though, would be that they chose singers for some of the characters that actually resembled the character's voice. For example, Rindou has a low voice but his singer, ajikko, has a high voice which is not bad but I also kind of want to hear what it would sound like if Rindou was singing it since people don't normally have such a wide gap between their talking voice and singing voice^^;

There are two types of gameplays in the game. One is the "Rehersal" (I may have gotten the name wrong as I don't have the game open with me at the time of writing this) mode which is a lot like how in Enstars or A3! you don't really do anything and just tap tap tap to get stuff; except unlike those games I just mentioned, the animation in it is not as fancy (since it isn't really the main part of the game I guess). The benefits of doing the lesson is that during the performance you will get a boost (higher score) if the levels of the characters in your team are high in the lesson. It will also improve your accuracy during the Cheer mode of the performance (people suggest around level 15 for every member in order to get a good score). If your levels are high, you may even get a higher score in Cheer mode than playing manually. Some events also have relationship stories between 2 members whose relationship bar can be increased in the rehearsal mode during the event. While those stories are not important to the main story, they're important in learning more about the characters involved and, of course, their relationships with the other cast members (you also get dias from reading the story). Finally, in the recent events, some of the main story unlocking requirements have been to play the event song with members whose levels are above a certain amount (those ones are a killer;;).

The second type of gameplay is the "Performance" mode which is the rhythm game. Within performance mode there is a "Rhythm mode" and a "Cheer mode" which is autoplay of the rhythm mode. The notes are vertical, which may be difficult for some people but in general the music gameplay is rather simple (of course there are multiple difficulties and you can change the speed so that can make it more difficult for you if that's your thing). I like how in some songs, the notes make the shape of something significant in the song at the moment. For example, in the song Daken, as the singer says "Team K", the long notes come together in the shape of a K; in Hatsukoi, there are heart shaped long notes; and in During the Demise, as the line 救国の剣 (The Sword of Salvation) is sung, the long not is in the shape of a sword. There is no fancy background with characters dancing (in all honesty I don't even know what the SD character designs in the cards are for because you only get to see them at the beginning and end of the song;;) unlike other idol rhythm games which is a shame. For beginners, I find that getting high scores (and therefore more points in events) is really hard (getting points in events is pretty hard without event cards in general) and it also doesn't help that the gatcha rates for 5stars is really low (and in event gatchas, a 10play guarantees at least one 4star but not necessarily the event 4star if there is one). However, you can get decent scores with an all 4star team if their stats are maxed out (I suggest to increase the "chance" levels so you get more items to level up cards during a performance). Apparently using paid dias doesn't increase the rates in the gatcha either ;-; (not a good way to encourage people to pay Donuts...). Getting the event 5stars are not too difficult (except in seasonal events they require 3 times as many points) and at the end of a season (so far only season 1 is finished), there is a big event which brings back all the main story events so you can finish unlocking stories you didn't unlock during the original event. In those events there are point rewards that can be exchanged for event reward cards and are really easy to obtain (I managed to get all 5 copies of the Kokuyou/Akira , Yoshino, and Sinju/Menou cards; 4 blank cards (for versus type events) of the Kokuyou/Mokuren card; and a copy of the Rindou/Menou card. I could have probably gotten more but I got lazy near the end of the event lol). Unfortunately there currently are no ways to obtain copies of seasonal event cards after the event is finished (hopefully they'll bring them all back in an anniversary event!)

The art is REALLY pretty. I found out about this game after Tsukipara announced they would be stopping services (and later on Bpro as well ;-;) and the art was originally what attracted me to the game. The cast members are so pretty, and there are multi-dimensions in the shading (i.e. it's not just a base colour and then a shadow layer on top). I'm a big fan of Kokuyou, Yoshino, Kasumi, and Yakou. There is also a character who's gender is cannonly "unknown" (性別不明 is what is said. There are probably many English labels you can give to this character based on it such as non-binary but literally it says "gender unknown" and does not directly translate as non-binary so I will not say) (Mokuren) and one who is (heavily hinted to be) bi with a preference for men (Qu), which I find is unique, because LGBTQ+ is not a widely spoken topic in Japan and genuine media (not BL/GL(yuri) which tends to be unrealistic) related to that topic. The cast member's stage costumes tend show a lot of skin (with the exception of Mokuren who always has their body covered) lmao (Kei has a shirtless 5star sdfsd).

Overall, I personally LOVE this game despite even though there are many things that could be improved. Through the stories the characters become likeable, then dislikeable, then likeable again, and it's honestly an emotional rollercoaster. For me, it was the art that attracted me to the game but it was the story that kept me hooked. I find that the story is the most interesting part of the game so if you don't understand Japanese and can't be bothered to translate (or look for people who have translated it) the game may seem mediocre to you (although a lot of good male idol rhythm games have been stopping services recently). The stories give you a lot of exciting (?) information (that people love to make memes out of especially in the JP fandom). I play the game for the stories

Tldr: The story and visuals are the best part of the game, the game play is rather simple (but still entertaining), songs are good if you like rock, not very generous to beginners

Sorry this ended up being very long^^;

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刚入坑没多久……现在陷入到底要不要坚持下去的自我怀疑中_(:з」∠)_ (现在这个活动26号结束,如果我能坚持到那个时候再更新吧……) 立绘和音乐质量实在,故事我很多是skip的所以不做评价_(:з」∠)_(不过有全语音这点很赞)读取时间比较短这点很棒(想起当时玩tencount的三消,那个读取速度真的太劝退了) 卡池爆率还好(大概是我才入没多久抽的少)、福利暂时未知(目前已知的是钻石来源有限)、音游难度和玩法……算是中等吧 打歌没有fc额外奖励、没有经验、升级要靠彩排系统这点……(应该和游戏本身的定位有关,游戏定位主要是养成,打歌只是辅助,升级害得看彩排刷刷刷😂😂😂) 然后就是……活动和卡片升级系统是真的令人心情复杂😂😂😂 (可以想象大家在开服时有多兴致勃勃地下载,打活动时就有多绝望) 活动歌曲有限,想肝的话就要反复、不停、来回地听😂😂😂(虽然打普通的歌曲也有pt,但是又要重新刷熟练度……) 活动pt奖励对于刚开始的新人过于遥远_(:з」∠)_(如果抽到了当期加分卡还好说,没抽到或许靠删游戏重来刷到再来打也是一个方法,但是如果没有的话一把大约几百左右的pt,头都秃了结果根本连活动卡的边边都摸不着) 卡片升级素材需求大而且难攒_(:з」∠)_…… 所以我的矛盾点就在于……这到底是个必须要重氪才玩的下去的商业产物,还是一个只要玩家有耐心就能慢慢玩动的养成游戏……只好再坚持+摸索看看了_(:з」∠)_ ————————————————— 7.26更新: (还是努力了一下坚持到了现在_(:з」∠)_下期是个节日活动,继续摸索之后再来更新吧hhhhh) 欣慰的是,这并不是一个逼氪游戏(而且感觉……氪金主要是可交换的资源能在短时间内更快更多地获取,可是也不能马上飞升特多),玩家有耐心地话也能获得这么多的东西(虽然这句话由我来讲还是早了点) 这里记录一下我近期的探索心得吧,一部分来自相关wiki(虽然还是有些没有摸清): *活动分为三种,这次的第七章就是个对抗类型的,由玩家打出来的分数高的队伍的角色,就是一张胜利者的卡片的卡面角色(比如这次就是鹰见的五星)(但是我不知道这次活动只拿了一张空白卡的我,这张空白卡剩下的意义究竟是啥_(:з」∠)_……如果没法用or后面有了更好的卡,我估计会毫不犹豫地卖掉…… *打歌可以获得称号、掉落的素材和活动pt(如果有活动的话)(当然,如果fc了hard难度就可以解锁advance难度也是一种奖励的话……),而且完成歌曲的挑战任务可以获得报酬(这个就按照玩家自己的情况来,像我这种卡片少+老曲子没什么熟练度的新人玩家,我就以那种“手打模式perfect xx次”、“歌曲0 pass”这样的任务为主) 任务的报酬也有的不错(比如10个钻石(因为穷))这种hhhhhh有时候会有四星劵的奖励,对于前期扩充卡组也有帮助。 *卡片和玩家等级的养成的话……确实和一般的音游不一样hhhhh(毕竟黑星自己也写了,自己就是主打“养成+应援”类型的游戏)打歌不能升玩家等级就算了,打歌也不能提升卡片经验,反而是卡片等级高了,打歌才会分高,才可能有更多的活动pt……卡片除了卡面上的人物所属队伍外,还另外分四个属性(因为我只玩过邦邦见谅_(:з」∠)_,用邦邦类比就是,一张卡除了分属于不同的乐队外,还分为happy、pure、cool、powerful属性这种意思)不过黑星是休闲、餐厅、正装、表演(可能有点记的有点出入)这四个属性,升级需要的服装球就要和卡片对应(类似于邦邦的属性大碎片),不过黑星的卡片还需要一种星星的道具(这个是打歌、歌曲挑战任务、活动pt兑换会有掉落)(白、蓝、红、黑,依次提高稀有度),所以一张高星卡是大量的投入才能需要养到50级……(所以感觉这游戏的抽到4星5星对新手也是种负担😂😂😂出货一时爽,养成火葬场) 最后是一点个人想法: 养成的方法有很多,新手确实不能急躁(而且也急不来,只会更快地消磨对这个游戏的热情……),不过对新手来讲钻石矿还蛮多的(故事矿都没挖),做起歌曲挑战也会更有新鲜感(毕竟那些之前的活动歌曲都没打过hhhh权当听歌也不错),而且由于活动有当期加分卡这种不大友好的存在,建议钻石还是尽量多囤点(也不知道过了新手期之后钻石来源会不会变少_(:з」∠)_这个也等我后面探索看看) 其实只要不急着穿奖这种的话,这个游戏……或许还是能期待看看的?(毕竟这游戏快一周年了,冰冻三尺非一日之寒,好游戏也是不断优化和探索出来的,虽然现在玩法比较少,功能也有些不齐全,能有一个好好做的心就成_(:з」∠)_)推特那边粉丝和官方的互动挺友好密切的)而且好像这个游戏内的剧情发展,甚至会和玩家游玩时的每次敲击都有关系(看wiki上的团队变迁历史,之前只有w、b、k、p,后来才组成的c,慢慢演变出到现在五队的情况,也就是,这是个玩家参与度很高的养成游戏) 而且我还没搞清楚音游里变化角色应援色的键和玩家敲击的联系,也不知打经常更新的那些角色排名有啥意义😂😂😂就……继续慢慢摸索吧hhhhh 我就是想着自己卡组太浅,无论怎么努力都不可能一下子飞升,而且我的耐心可不一定会输给这个游戏的运营时长hhhhhhhh这么一想之后,这个游戏迅速变成了属于我的佛系养成😂😂😂 ——————————————————— 8.4更新: 我以为C组结束了,准备来写新的小总结的,结果直接无缝对接B组夏活hhhhh于是再继续摸鱼一周…… ——————————————————— 8.5更新: 话说看剧情的话……感觉后面是不是还有个P组啊(毕竟活动歌曲也有krad)可是我……已经没有十连了😂😂😂 ——————————————————— 8.20更新: 这夏活也太良心了(每个组居然都有) (原来的季节都是一个组或者是混活,这次直接五个组都有份hhhhh) 基本上已经习惯了这个游戏的活动规律, 佛系玩玩+有十连就抽喜欢的队伍的限定+不强求突破活动卡+有四星我就很开心+人也慢慢认全了+好友多了起来=意外养生的零氪游戏😂😂😂 ——————————————————— 2021.1.25更新: 总之扛过了嘲讽玩家just a loser的一周年,五队C5 2的每日pk,对抗类型的节日活动(圣诞真珠确实好看),开年雷神收关炎神之后,总之继续佛系摸鱼吧hhhhhh(毕竟玩的游戏多+生活琐事多,我已经很久没有摸过活动五星的边边了hhhhhh后面用的五星都是从卡池里歪出来的) 并且现在素材积累够了,那种想用什么卡马上可以把等级拉满的感觉太爽了😂😂😂不用再像新手期时紧巴巴地搞计划经济hhhhh看完了故事+佛系打活动,其实钻石送的也能以正常速度攒够十连(建议和硬币配合使用,节日限定用硬币买节日限定4星劵,其他活动对于喜欢的队伍可以用钻石抽)这确实不是一个逼氪(但可能比较逼肝,但我已经是死猪不怕开水烫的铁了心的摸鱼玩家hhhhhh,所以拿不拿活动五星对我并无心理层面的影响😂😂😂)游戏,只要狗的够久,什么都会有的。 以及必须表扬一下黑星的音乐质量,真的很上心,并且虽然横向看来游戏们都过得是同样的节日,但是黑星的音乐放在一众音游里都有很独特的、不断挑战自我的创作理念(万圣融合了日本本土鬼怪要素、w组新年又结合了北欧神话),五个队伍的各自风格也逐渐成熟,还是蛮期待后面的变化和成长的。 ——————————————————— 2022.2.12更新: 因为工作等原因真的咸鱼了接近一年hhhhh最近上线通过玫瑰数量摸了张kei的情人节活动五星(无活动加成),表示这种根据掉落道具作为pt线的兑换方式比之前的只有记分的肝度友好了许多,谢谢黑星~ 以及黑星的角色状态等的变化依旧是紧跟剧情发展这点真是体验极佳hhhhh这才是一个长期用心运营的感觉,有一个事物持续发展的状态在这里。 而且也必须表扬一下黑星的卡片耐用度hhhh初始五星和满突的餐厅还能经常作为摸鱼掉线玩家偶尔兴起玩活动的主力也是很良心了(可能我至今都没配过队,每次直接都是推荐组队搞定所有😂😂😂) 也恭喜黑星周边逐渐多了起来hhhhh虽然推上的粉丝量几乎一动不动但是能坚持的也是一路陪伴的深情玩家了,希望新的一年继续加油啊~ ——————————————————— 2023.1.29更新: 其实要说什么技能这类的玩法我到现在都没玩明白,一个肝向的厨力游戏硬是被我佛系白嫖了两年笑死( 看到说谷子和社群的问题,咋说呢,感觉这是目前网络社交的通病?尤其是以女性的感性情绪为主要卖点的女性向游戏尤甚。有这么护崽的丰沛情感为啥不去爱自己的家人朋友,有这么充足的负面情绪为啥不去骂无良导师和老板😂😂😂干嘛要在网络平台上发癫。在我看来游戏是用来滋养爱意和善意而不是用来构筑社交壁垒pua其他玩家。至于其他的,说啥都对,不客气。 至于pt线啥的,笑死,狗了两年都很难拿到一卡,所以根本就不在乎啥奖励问题hhhh不过活动形式比以前确实丰富了很多,希望可以把一些过往的活动歌曲多翻新玩玩(比如c组花见曲、真珠圣诞曲、K组两首情人节曲、小林太郎的那首花见曲我都很喜欢),毕竟曲子都还蛮耐听的偶尔刷刷做个任务也不腻。 ———————————— 2023.3.8更新: 感觉新更新的每日任务变得抠门了起来( 之前还表扬pt线的下降和人性化,然后玩了两场新的季节活动表示又是原来的那个肝血的味道( 如果照这样的话摸鱼感觉都摸不动了(毕竟之前还可以偶尔从每日更新的任务里扣出一些钱币买奖励,现在不每天登录和打活动的话根本没有足够的钱币去买活动抽卡劵,没有活动卡打活动就很难获得奖励,感觉比曾经还要艰难



歌和立绘非常wonderful,我玩下去的动力和打五星的理由。 日本偶像游戏的人设都偏幼,很少有这么荷尔蒙爆棚的风格。上一个歌曲和立绘俱佳的band yaroze已经停服…… 活动太肝。单推rindou钻还够用,活动就随缘了。哪一次是rindou的活动卡我就会非常麻爪,极其难受。

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