RO仙境傳説:新世代的誕生 | 東南亞版

RO仙境傳説:新世代的誕生 | 東南亞版

Ragnarok X: Next Generation | SEA

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Ed Li


精緻的Q版MMORPG手遊,BGM還不錯,3D建模蠻可愛的。 在主線過程有些過場演出。 遊戲模式為常見的ARPG玩法,不過保留了RO原有的流程,玩家依然是經由初心者開始,在轉職成其他職業,還有很多生活技能可以練。 課金點為石頭、各種禮包、通行證與月卡等等。



Big new! No one heard? Just yesterday, ByteDance declared that it's discontinuing its gaming division entirely. What does that mean? Note, "all." The games that are still in development have been stopped, what about ROX? ROX might find itself bundled up for sale to another firm (which seems to be its destiny), or, in a less likely scenario, it could be completely shut down. This development is alarming. ByteDance isn't just any company; it's a tech giant. It is the parent company of Nuverse, and the entire Nuverse will no longer exist. Will the smaller companies after that do better? I love MMORPG. yet I'm weary of poor management in games I've played before. Every game requires an investment—be it time, money, or both. With ROX, taking time is a must, but thanks to UgPhone, I can keep AFK for 24 hour and stay on track. ROX takes me back to my first game as a kid. I can play my favorite games for 6-10 years, but the lifespan of games is not even that long. I was looking forward to the upcoming version, but now I'm worried.

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