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0號文Document No. 0 從上週預約開啟後,聞姬起舞QooApp專享版始終排列在預約榜第一,感謝大家的支持。 這幾天裡面大家也提出了一些問題,我想在這裡給大家做一些解答。 1:聞姬起舞QooApp版本將推出很多和韓版不同的內容,包含定期更新的新角色,皮膚,愛戀等等(預計每1-2週就會更新新的內容),以及新的玩法功能,持續不斷的對遊戲進行優化等等。 2:後續ios版本也會陸續上線,具體要看我們工作進度的安排 3:付費模式會和韓國版本有一定的差別,絕大部分內容都是可以免費獲得,但是會有少量內容是需要付費的,希望大家理解。 4:遊戲的福利方面,我們會不低於韓版,包含獎勵的道具,以及抽卡概率,保底等等 為了答謝大家,我們準備了很多的活動和福利~ 後續我們會配合Qoo官方一起公佈遊戲的各種活動,包含各種虛擬和實物獎勵等著跟大家見面~ 希望大家可以繼續支持~~! Since the opening of the reservation last week, Wen Ji Qiwu's QooApp exclusive version has always ranked first in the reservation list, thank you for your support. In the past few days, you have also raised some questions, and I would like to give you some answers here. 1: The QooApp version of Wenji Qiwu will launch a lot of different content from the Korean version, including regularly updated new characters, skins, love, etc. (new content is expected to be updated every 1-2 weeks), as well as new gameplay features, continuing Constantly optimize the game and so on. 2: Subsequent ios versions will also be launched one after another, depending on our work schedule. 3: The paid mode will be different from the Korean version. Most of the content can be obtained for free, but there will be a small amount of content that needs to be paid. I hope everyone understands. 4: In terms of the welfare of the game, we will not be lower than the Korean version, including rewarded props, as well as the probability of drawing cards, guarantees, etc. In order to thank you all, we have prepared a lot of activities and benefits~ In the future, we will cooperate with the official Qoo to announce various activities of the game, including various virtual and physical rewards, waiting to meet you~ Hope you can continue to support~~!