Rendy Setiawan 夢幻之星網路版 2 es


角色名: Zolyn
玩家 ID: Rencowww
公會: Www

簡介: RNG Bless Me

Neppuru® SH 夢幻之星網路版 2 es


角色名: ネップル
玩家 ID: 13098625
公會: Rhodes Island

簡介: just gonna put this in here. the first one was deleted by accident tho i was gonna do some edit lol. anyways~ anyone who might be still wondering in jp server, im still around. Ship6 [Ken] we also still have some active english team member around here so you can join us if you interested, so far we have 4 teams around here. have fun and here some emergency quest i recorded

■风焚雨℡® 夢幻之星網路版 2 es


角色名: 没有

簡介: 求解,一直在下载界面,进度条一点都没动……怎么办,开加速器也没用