Jio Jasnan Hadi 艾倫奇想


角色名: JioAlvaz
玩家 ID: Jio Alvaz
公會: Nothing07

簡介: from premium Summon 10+1 3 Times (Mytichal Elune )😍😍😍

Chris Napit 艾倫奇想


角色名: This game friendly to f2p and i got superb lucky summon!!
玩家 ID: Debeers5

簡介: Got shocked after finish map 1-2 i take 1x(10+1 ticket) and 3x premium summon ticket free....i summoned it and Boom!! 10+1 summon -> 2reve+1kang rim 3x free ticket -> 1reve Happy and confused what to do to 3x reve!! HAHAAAHHAAHAHAH ign : DeBeers5