Shin・ω・ 歌之☆王子殿下♪ Shining Live | 國際版


角色名: [Selected Photo Shoot | Cool Pop Animals & Survival Picnic]

簡介: 2020/04/07 too bad i didn't get Ai with cat ears but am happy with what I've got

柳川蘭々酱 歌之☆王子殿下♪ Shining Live | 國際版


角色名: ^^
RedDress Top Contributor 歌之☆王子殿下♪ Shining Live | 國際版


角色名: Camus, Reiji Kotobuki
鸽鸽 歌之☆王子殿下♪ Shining Live | 國際版


角色名: 霖林

簡介: 想知道 只有我一个人卡初始界面吗……太难了……我想回归……

Moriko Kuro 歌之☆王子殿下♪ Shining Live | 國際版


角色名: Camus

簡介: First pull!! This is amazing, but also it seems that the next UR is going to be Natsuki,because they talk to each other in the story and dialogues😨I kinda expected this to happen 'cause of the tea party theme,but it doesn't mean that Im prepared. Goodbye my prisms ~ (also Reiji's SRs are always coming home when I scout for new sets and I usually do not see anybody else. Reiji, calm down, I already love you enough,so go to people who actually need you please)