LeaARMYLovw SuperStar BTS | 韓文版


角色名: BTS (OT7)

簡介: My Final Gameplay Screenshots of the progress I had made from game launch (Jan '18) to the last day (Jun 23rd '20). My pride and passion. Time I'll never get back but enjoyed too much to regret. They did give back in game currency tenfold to what I had ever paid for it, using the songs I'd played for over a year as the basis for judging how much I would get. It only made me play as much as possible until the day it died. And yeah, it still hurts sometimes bc I miss it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

pau SuperStar BTS | 韓文版


角色名: bts

簡介: Justo cuando conseguí una carta R de namjoon que en love yourself:tear :"c

Mandy.cypher4 SuperStar BTS | 韓文版


角色名: BTS

簡介: Fuiste un gran juego 🥺💔

cuties SuperStar BTS | 韓文版


角色名: cuties

簡介: gonna miss u ssbts korea and my cards of course

本间 SuperStar BTS | 韓文版


角色名: j-hope

簡介: 知道停服的消息后我好难过 我刚集齐一套满级r卡还不是闪的🤧🤧我会一直想念这个游戏的